8000w Scrog - Sensis Jack Herer (NL pheno Dom.) - wk 4

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    Just saying hello GCC,

    Been a while, thought I'd check in, see what's growing!

    Here is a little something I'm working on right now!


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  2. Morning shot

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  3. 4.5 weeks in. Going strong!

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  4. Also got 2 Tutankhamen's in there with the jack. They are the pheno I enjoyed the most from a fellow growers run from seed and was gracious enough to give me these two mothers. This shot is about half way down the plant. Resin is going ape.

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  5. Top colas of one of the Tutankhamens

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  6. 6 weeks

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  7. Week 7

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  8. How has no one seen this yet? Beautiful colas mate, what lights/medium are you using?
  9. When scrounging, how do you water your plants?

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  10. Light: hortolux and some hortigro high outputs. I prefer the hortigros, but bought a couple cases of the lux for 40 a piece.

    Medium: black gold coco/ botanicare readygro coco

    Multiple garbage cans/ nice rubber hose and crawling under the canopy. Labor of love :)

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  11. Polarized

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  12. What wattage are the lights?
  13. 1000w
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    Mate some of those heads look massive, I'd love to see some comparison shots as in next to a coke can or something..
    What different strains you got in there?
  15. Jack Herer and two moms of Tutankhamen.
  16. Can't wait to have a crack at jack.
  17. Ninja grow journal..I love it. :bongin:
    Spendy pheno hunt :eek:. Good job, if not great, on selection. :hello: 
    What's your usual pull ? Or your goal ?
    ohh yeah .. how many fans? 6-8? and R U forcing in fresh?
    sweet grow man.
    Oh wow I just saw the thread title LOL.
    8000 watts????
  19. Yep, 8 1k's. Tried to squeeze in 10, but wasn't feasible at the time.
  20. Got to pay to play or something like that, HA. Luckily I didn't run it from seed, another grower was kind enough to do the hard work :)

    Goal is always LB+/1k in this type of setup. This pheno usually hits it without an issue, but this is farming so who knows. As my old man would say, "Farming is just a form of legalized gambling".

    8 fans plus 12" fan/filter combo moving air. Have a 10" fan bring fresh air in when needed.

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