8000 Posts and 8 Years

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I've seen quite the change over the years and growing up with weed and the community here. I don't recognize many of the newer people, many of the 75% old blades but those of you still troopin' understand why we're still here. Anyways, burning one to a good, short fucking 8 years.
    tfw still not old school. All I ever wanted was my red name and that is gone forever ; ;

  2. Congratulations?
  3. here is to 8 more years kneegrow
  4. niceee

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  5. ima smoke one for the OGs on grasscity, congradulations :smoke:
  6. you shouldnt post anymore to keep it at an even 8k 
  7. Congrats, but you cant leave us with just that and no good stories. Come on!
  8. I just can't stop getting banned
  9. Oh, there's some great stories, you just have to search for the Pandora's Box threads pre-2010ish, just don't bump them.

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