80 watt cfl grow blue mammoth and auto amnesia

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  1. supp gc peeps. got two auto flowering strains in right now the blue mammoth is the bigger one 13 days old tge amneisa only been in for 4 or 5 days planing on gettin 8 45watt cfl 6500k pluss the 6 14watt 5500ks ive got.in now. using ffof pluss the 3 nutes havnt used any nutes yet just water nd ffof do you guys thing i can get at least an ounce or two off each i kno blue mammoth is a small bushy plant and amnesia is tall so hopefully i can get a good amount . :hello: gonna keep an everyweek update soo look out and help me out a little u can say this is my first grow seeing as how my other grows turned out ok but were male plans fron mid grade weed so please gc peeps hlep me out a lil if ur gonna tell me to get an hps and all that ventilation stuff cant i live in nyc in an apartment with no way to havr all of thoes things so i kept it simple i also plan on getting two fans one pulling air into the box and the other pulking air out of it im a cheep one who invents this that work so yeah just say intouch and i will keep updating hopfully i can pull off 2 oz frm each maybe 3 mostly not lol

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  2. gave her sum nute water earlier she took good to it

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  3. girls are lookin cute sir. I'm workin on my first grow as well with cfls but if your only planning on raising 2 I wouldn't imagine youd need a major ventalation just fans for fresh air and maybe a scented plug in to kill any smell for visitors. if its in a closet maybe put a lock on the door incase maintenance has to come by when your not home, last thing you'd want is to get evicted for breakin a lease agreement. make shure to keep an eye on that ph lvl if your giving them nutes too. I gave my girl a bad nitrogen burn with my first feeding so I switched to all organic. I'm gonna watch your grow fo sho cause I like to see how ppls grows when they're on a budget makes it interesting to watch. best of luck man.
  4. They look ubber healthy so far. Impressive for only 80w. I'm curious to see how this grow pans out. My indoor is pretty low budget too.
  5. Nice n healthy!! I'd get those extra lights going as soon as you can. Something you may want to check out- GE is making 55watt CFLs' 2700K- I saw some @ wally world for 6 bucks each. I forget the lumens, but the color would make great all around bulbs for veg and flower.
  6. I ran a blue mammoth last summer outdoors. Lil fucker got 5'! Got just over 2 zips. Best of luck to ya!

  7. thanks man i gotta grab me a ph meter and yeah i was thinking just the fans to bring in fresh air. nd yeah my super is a racist bitch but no worries about them because if maintenance comes someones here to watch but thanks and i will keep updating as the weeks go by after these two finish im gonna thro in blue og and white widow im so look forwards to thoes:hello::hello::hello:

  8. thanks man im deff going to look into thoes :D

  9. thats good i hope to get at least two zips any clues about amnesia yields.
  10. Agreed, VERY impressive for only a 80W cfl.....lol.

    Whoops pressed send on accident. But I subbed. Get some more light when you switch to flowering :D and you'll get 2 zips
  11. ya I was bout to order some seeds but my buddy offered to trade me clones. it's kinda addicting to grow. I was sad to think I wouldn't have anything to watch grow after I flower my baby girl. well my gettin big baby girl.
  12. got this green substance in my dirt its only been on the top of tha dirt i stired it around and went away now i see it again any idea what this is??

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  13. Algae bro. Try to not water as often.
  14. just lst'd my baby lets see how she taks to i i did some high shyt and forgot to fill up tha pot with more dirt:confused: but ill make it work

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  15. woah is that a killer problem???? crazy thing is only watered it 3 times since ive planted it 2 weeks ago today
  16. naw not gunna hurt anything. usually just happens on the perlite. no worries dude

  17. thanks man
  18. lsted the blue mammoth the 24 this is how she was looking this morning day 16 im ording a 125 watt cfl 6500k with reflector 2mm should get it in 3 to 5 days at the same time she starts to flower :hello:

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  19. got 10 light in total in 4 2700k the rest 2500k ima see what i can gwet using just these until i get enough money to buy higher priced cfls

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