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80 Tornados!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, May 6, 2003.

  1. Man.

    Everybody that everbody knows alright?

    Y'all got tore up yesterday and last night.

    They started, I mean, not 5 miles west of me!

    Just little at that time but they were exploding and moving east northeast.

    To fast to keep up with on the ground. I dunno who designed the Oklahoma rural road system. 'member in that lovely little farce summer blockbuster piece o' crap movie, "Twister"? The part where the dude has a map out and says something about "we're on Bob's road." It's kinda like that.

    I did just see something on the news about some amatuer storm chasers around the Monett, Missouri area, I'm guessing by the sound, dudes somewhere between 16 and 19, the anchor was talking about their narrow escape, when they cut to it, ya hear this dude screaming his ass off and they're driving in reverse about 45 to 50 mph. There's a state trooper in front of them backing up as fast. Have you ever tried to drive backwards really fast? It is'nt easy. The dude actually did a good job.

    Stay to the south and west of the storm.
  2. so what have you been up to?
    i swear your just tryin for a tirp to ozz....:D
  3. Nothing like a front row seat to mother nature when she's pissed!

    I realize, maybe more than most that these things bring death and destruction, but they are just so friggin.........incredible does'nt do it justice.....but it will have to do. I went and helped clean up after the big Moore tornado a couple of years ago. That one flat raped the land and everything on it.

    That and.....................

    Not a lot of big time entertainment around here. Unless ya like barfights and country karayoke.

    Have you ever heard music that makes your hair hurt?

    Gimme a tornado anytime.:)
  4. I have a friend just outside Nashville that IMed earlier. He said that he just turned on the TV and there was a tornado like 5 minutes away from him. That still didn't make him get off the net and seek shelter.
  5. 80 twisters? whoa!!

    Back in about '95 i was in the carribean on my boat and i sailed through hurricaine Jerry. I saw multiple tornadoes within 1/8 mile of my boat, all around me, at one time i saw more than i can count, coming down from some of the bands of the hurricaine arms. It was some pretty wild shit, the wind blwe through my sails and flipped my boat over. I kept her from sinking and got her rightside up, it was fun! 30 foot breaking seas in the open ocean were getting the tops blown off by 80-100 knots of wind. It was the wildest ride i've ever been on, in a 30 foot sailboat in the ocean surfing downwind on the face of the swells. It was daytime but dark as night in the middle of the strongest part i was in. If you ever saw the movie Perfect Storm it looked like that, it was sweet. I'd like to go out in the ocean in an innertube in a hurricaine soemday, that would be dope! I've jet ski'd the ocean during a hurricaine and came off the top of a wave so high i landed and broke the ski in half. I made it back in to port by not slowing down and letting her sink, musta fell 50 feet to the bottom of a troff between 2 waves. We used to surf during big storms all the time.

    I'd like to get a parachute and go stand in a twister's path and when it picks me up and spits me out like 2 miles high i can parachute back down.

    Nature's fury is amazing!

    Oh yeah, and driving backwards fast is fun!!! Once during a car chase i outran who was chasing me while driving backwards so they couldn't see my license plates. I lost 'em in a maze of back alleys and shortcuts through the city that i knew.
  6. Wow TooSicks. You've led an interesting life.
  7. unbelievable!!
  8. I could'nt figger out why the dude did'nt do a BAT TURN!

    Once ya get up to good speed, hit the parking brake. If all goes well you'll do a 180 and be ready to roll the other way.

    *stunt driver on closed course, do not attempt*

    Yeah right.
  9. haha yeah, it's technically called a J-turn, i do 'em in my CRX without any brakes but on rear wheel drive i find it's actually easier to use the foot brakes and use a pendulum motion to swing the front in the direction you want to roatate, after ytou pass 90degrees let go of the wheel and it'll right itself as it comes aound, the more speed the easier it is to do. I usedta do 'em in my '82 ford F150 haha.
  10. But bat turn souns sooo much more dramatic!:)

    Or maybe the OHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHHHIT! turn?
  11. We usedta practice em in this big empty area where we chilled, it was a school where people learned to drive construction equipment and they had a big area where they taught people to run the graders and level out stuff with it.

    We used to practice there, and we'd blindfold the driver and have the passenger(s) tell him where to go.

    We used to rally race on all the closed roads that they practiced building there too.
  12. Awwwww ya big sissy's!:)

    I used to do it on 3 track gravel roads!:p

    Only had to get pulled outta the ditch 3 times!:)
  13. lol,l learnt to do it on a 10 foot wide bush track with kangaroos and walabies jumping in front of ya ,lol.p.s. and blind folded for interest ,lol.and travelling at 70 mph..l still wonder why l,am still here at 48 yrs old ,lol.did l ever tell ya,all about my time with the horses ,lol.
  14. Hahahaha this is an very interesting thread.
    From tornadoes to doing 180's at 70 while blind folded for interest!

    We are still holding on down here Smokie.

    I'm going to talk to some weather men and see if we can't get this shit returned to ya!

    You know ........return to sender address Oaklahoma!!

  15. Actually, this maneuver is called a Bootlegger's Reverse.
  16. I'm sorry for all the death and destruction, but I'm glad the bad weather has moved north of us. We have been sweating out the hail storms, wind shears, and 4 inches of rain in a couple hours for a month now.

    Yes, it is summer time here. 91 degrees today with 96%humidity. My wife got a new coworker a couple of weeks ago. The new girl just moved here to Alabama from, get this NEW YORK CITY. From NYC to BFA (bum-fucked Alabama) During the last week of April she was complaining "It sure gets hot down here..." Late April and thinking its hot, hahahahahaha, just wait until August and the wind quits blowing and your hair sytarts to melt off your head. HAHAHAHAHA.

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