80% environment?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mycahrshelton, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. I was told by a friend of mine who grows a shit ton that growing good weed is 80% about your environment, 20% everything else. Is that true? What are your thoughts?
  2. What does that even mean, I'm a black and white type person. Meaning shit should work how it's meant to work.
    Growing medium
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  3. I feel like all those things fall into environment anyway. Light, air, humidity, medium, even ph considering if you got that on point your plant will easily access it's nutrients making it's environment in the medium better.

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  4. It's a complete package. Such is why you cant cut many corners and you see folks fail all the time who try to do so. I can't even come close to counting how many times I've seen someone have all but one parameter dicked...then BAM... out of the blue they are screwed and are soon writing the fabled "What happened to my plant?" post.

    It's a well worn path. Follow it as it is laid down by those who went before you ....or get lost in the hinterland of trouble trying to blaze your own, misguided path that only heads south....
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  5. I'd say environment is anything that isn't the plant itself, or in the dirt. So most of what you mentioned.
  6. Your friend smokes a lot of weed. I wanna be that high.

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  7. Hell honestly if you start out with the proper equipment it won't be to hard... most of the times the new timers that have these horrible problems it's because of cheap quality soil and no perlite a few CFL's no ph kit... mg nutes yadayada... of course some stuff you do just have to learn for yourself but with things like overwatering you can easily measure the pots weight keep a log and whatnot so know for sure when to water.. I don't know I'm just ranting but I'd say it's a good bit environment obviously... you aren't growing good quality/quantity weed with a 2 gallon pot with some dirt from the backyard under a few CFL lol... but if you start out with the proper soil and equipment you get a huge step up especially if you are involved with forums and ask for help... no reason you shouldn't make it to harvest the first grow and start striving to improve there on after.

    Now I'm not saying you'll grow the best of the best the first time around or anything like that. It should be perfectly acceptable smoke that'll get you blazed though non the less and it should only get better with more experience... I wouldn't say 80/20 I wouldn't put a number in it lol.
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