$80 a G.

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    Back in 2009 I was very new to smoking weed. I was posted at the bus stop one football Saturday waiting for the Ride to take me downtown. I was alone in the cubical, examining my one hitter.

    Suddenly this slightly overweight, shaggy guy rolls up a bike and comes into the cubical. He then takes off his back pack and says to me: "hey, man. Check this out". He then whips out a jar of some nice looking, and potent bud, and exclaims "MASTER KUSH!".

    He let me sample it in my one hitter and I was sky high.:smoke: The guy must have thought I was stupid though, he proceeded to tell me: "These buds are real potent so it's $80 for a G". I laughed and told him I was alright, but thanks for the offer. He told me where I could find him, then took off on his bike.

    It was a very random encounter, and quite sketchy looking back on it. But it's like the mass amounts of people vanished for that period of time. :D
  2. For $80 bucks I better be able to smell it and get high...
  3. [quote name='"MSabre"']For $80 bucks I better be able to smell it and get high...[/quote]

    For 80 bucks a G I should be able to THINK about it and get high..
  4. 80 bux a g.... What a tool lol
  5. this is where I would've said something along the lines of "No one is fucking dumb enough to drop $80 on weed, no matter how fucking good, but the only way you are getting $80 out of me today, sir, is if you give me a half ounce for above price"

    He either does it and accepts your haggling offer, and still walks away with his $80, and you get a great deal, or he doesn't and your where you started. I personally would've milked this opportunity. When it knocks, it knocks :smoke::bongin:
  6. For 80 a G, it better give me a blowjob.
  7. thats bad you did the right thing a so called old friend of mine tried to once sell me a g of sour d for 40 bucks i was like im not stupid dude im not paying that price some people are messed up.
  8. [quote name='"LulzMaximus"']
    For 80 a G, it better give me a blowjob.[/quote]

    For 80 a G, it better give me 2 blowjobs.
  9. And to think.. I thought I'd dooped ya:rolleyes:
  10. That shit had better be sucking my Dick by the time I get home.
  11. It was probably coke for that price, so yeah
  12. For eighty dollars a gram, it better make all my dreams come true.
  13. For $80 a G, it better wipe my ass for me.
  14. For 80 bucks a G, it better make me a goddamn motherfuckin sandwich.... I'm fucking hungry. fuck.
  15. For 80 bucks that shit better suck my dick.
  16. This thread is now about the things Cannabis should do if you pay eighty bucks for one gram.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  17. It better suck on my sammich. Hey, does any1 in AZ have a sandwich i can have? Roast beef?
  18. for 80 bucks that gram should also come with like 65 bucks.
  19. For $80 a G it better blast me off into the mechanical elf world.
  20. For 80 a g shit better come with 60$

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