8 yr old girl stalks my dog HELP!

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  1. So hey grasscity people,

    i have a problem here :mad:

    long story short this 8 yr old girl stalks my dog, she's been knocking (kicking) at my door nearly everyday for like 8 fucking weeks
    asking my mum to play outside with our dog (she thinks it's a human or some shit)
    At first she would let the girl stroke our dog but then another day she knocked on the door and walked into our house without asking!
    After that my mum told her to go away but the little fucker keeps coming back!

    so guys what i ask from you is... how should we get rid of this annoying kid:confused:

    should i say the dogs dead and if she sees my dog we should say it's actually a ghost?

    Thanks guys,

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  2. just be a creep to her parents :laughing:
    oh and lock your door so she can't walk in your home

    seriously though you could tell her now is not the time, and give her a little bit of time out of the day sometimes to pet him
  3. Ummm...

    Go talk to her parents like an adult.
  4. Have you've tried finding out who her parents are?
  5. ...and of course the first step to stop this is to sign up to a marijuana discussion forum for help.
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  6. my mum has seen the parents and i think they throw her out of the house cause there having a baby and they don't want her there, but they are Lithuanian and the dad can't speak English neither can the mum...
  7. Talk to her parents mate. Tell them it's not a problem, but make up some shit about your dog being ill or old or scared of kids or some shit.
  8. !!!!..call the cops before Fido ends up in a pot of boiling water...


  9. this is the only forum im subscribed to and because us stoners have great ideas !

  10. Well I suppose I can't disagree with that :smoke:

    Seriously though, nice first post.
  11. Really? Dude, just ask where her house is and explain to her parents that you will let her play with your dog 1 hour a day, 2 or 3 days a week. She's a little girl for crying out loud, its not like she's hitler.
  12. Why is it a prob to let her play w.the dog. Probably the most fun yer dog has had in a long time. Have some empathy and try to see the world through an 8 y/o child's eyes.

  13. her parents can't speak english, but when you have a kid at your door EVERYDAY it gets kinda annoying also she knocks like a fed so i shit my self and crawl to the window to see who it is!

  14. I suppose you could just stop answering the door? She'll get tired eventually.
  15. Lol i just had a mental image of you baked off of your ass on your couch, hearing BAM! BAM! on your door, you dropping your piece, and crawling to the door window....opening the door just a crack, and you whisper barely audibly: "please....no....."

  16. Haha tried that shit for 3 weeks, she also did it today i ignore the door everytime (im not really a door person only for mail, i like mail:p) and she was with her friend, she said 'wait im knocking for my friends dog' she thinks were friends so that means she'll come back :(

    im not mean its just annoying when im doing shit like smoking its panics me cause i think it the police

  17. HOLY SHIT thats what im like!!!
  18. Piss on the dog, so if she pets the dog, she'll get piss on her hands.

  19. Flawless.

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