8 weeks of flower first grow. How close to harvest?

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first grow, it's all bag seed so I have no clue what I have. Saturday will make 8 weeks of flower. One of my plants has yellowing leaves, the other is starting to get yellow on the tips. I'm going to start looking at trichromes here this weekend but I personally don't feel like either one is ready. Here is an overall shot and individual of the buds. I laid the cola down on the bigger plant to get better light exposure.

    Main cola on right plant

    Main cola on right plant up close

    Large bud on left plant

    Large bud on left plant up close


    Let me know way you guys think as far as harvest timeframe. I feel like I have a few weeks to go but that's just my gut. Or if you guys think of anything else I may need to do let me know. Thanks!
  2. Can't help you with harvest question but I just wanted to give you some props on your first grow. Looking good!!!
  3. Its getting there but from the looks of it the trics are all clear and probably needs around two more weeks but its really a day by day thing and waiting for the perfect time.
  4. you have a some time to go yet, it's hard to tell because flowering has been stunted by major over fertilizing. quit the nutes totally dude and you will see an increase in growth.

    I harvest when about a third of the tricomes have gone yellow, the pistols have usually almost all died back at this point and the bud is starting to get a general yellow/brown sheen
  5. Ok, I will stop the nutes, unfortunately I just watered and fed last night. Looks like that will be my last feeding. Do you think that I could have had bigger buds at this point if I had fed less?
  6. Give it 2 weeks. The hairs are still white and are still sticking out, wait for them to turn yellow/amber/red. In around 1 - 2 weeks the buds will fatten up.

  7. yes, I think so, after 8 weeks of flowering I would of expected much bigger bud but don't let that get you down, it still looks like you have good time to correct it. bud puts on most weight in the last couple of weeks anyway. cut out the nutes completely and you should see a boost and then a week or two flushing anyway. when you water give it loads, about twice as much as the pot could hold if empty. just let it run through and rinse the soil. doing this for the last week or two is worth doing anyway. I reckon you have 3 weeks left to go. I reckon you will still get a descent yield so don't stress about it
  8. Ok, thanks a lot. I was worried about the yellowing, afraid I wasn't feeding enough, but I'll remember that for my little ones on their way there for next time. I'll get out my loupe and start watching, and keep this thread updated. I'll just pretty much flush with each watering and pray for the best. I feel like I've been sitting around waiting for them to thicken up forever
  9. buy a pocket scope. check your trichs every other day. 8 weeks of flower because what, thats when you changed your timer? prob took the plant a week to show sex so you're probably a full week behind where you THINK you are. I would say 3 weeks +. Honestly, I can't even see any sugar on them leaves.
  10. Yeah, it was 8 weeks since timer change. I saw pistils about 1.5-2 weeks in, so I guess I'm actually at 6. I didn't realize that but it makes total sense.
  11. most indoor strains take 8-10 weeks from changing the light cycle, but seeing as you dont know the strain who knows? it could be an outdoor 16 week strain for all we know lol
  12. Hey guys its been about a week and a half since I posted last. Been watering with nothing but plain water. Here are some updated shots...





    What do you guys think? How close am I getting just by looking at those pictures?
  13. Im 2 weeks in on my first flowering. Interesting hearing about the nutes. I too feed often. I am wondering if I should just water only and back off on nutes. I LST'd and have multiple bud sites on each plant. I posted some pics today, but these are a week old. Buds are starting to form everywhere, since the last photos, so I am encouraged. check out my pics. I will be posting more today when the lights come back on. Good job on those babies! Nice big colas.
  14. In the second and the forth picture you posted I noticed some of the white hairs beginning to turn orange. My experience has been that usually when most all of them have done that it's about two weeks to finish. Definitely time to start keeping an eye on those trichomes...
  15. Haha ok man awesome. I noticed them turning too. I should have watered yesterday but ran out of time. I'm hoping they do some more filling out between now and harvest.i just noticed how much they filled out since the last pictures. My colas are big but the others, not so much. I can't wait to harvest, I'm so excited this being my first grow and all. Man it has been a long road. These were planted back in September! Just keep your eyes out for new pictures next week. I'll keep you guys updated.

    And to the new grower... I'm far too green (pun intended) to give you any advice about growing, but I can say this - use the site and the great advice you get from all these guys on here. Even if you just have a question. Post it up and you will get excellent answers and even get responses you might not have thought about. GL dude!
  16. Hey man whatever happened to you? :)
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