8 Weeks Into Flowering, Trich Questions....

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    Hey all, first ever grow hoping to harvest something good. This is a random bagseed from some great buds I had 3-4 years ago, could any give me any time frame...

    Also, they are 8 1/2 weeks into flowering

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  2. from the first pic it looks like it has alot of white hairs but from the looks of the second picture it looks like you got a week or two. You might want to get a better loupe the goes at least 60x to check the trichs for next time but i can see that the pistols are receading so its definitely soon. Btw thats a nice looking plant for a 3 year old seed bro lol
  3. Thanks for info, yea I didn't expect to much, being that it's my first grow, the seeds were defiantly from some high grade bud I was getting from Cali at the time but I didn't even know if it would produce.

    I started two autos last week (put the seeds in water, was germmed in 24hrs) and they are already 2" tall, this plant wasn't even popped outta the seed for a week lol

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  4. Yah...I agree, get a better scope. You're close!

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