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8 weeks flowering

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by chep42, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Just wondering how close iam my first grow. I will wait till


    . She's done
  2. I would give it another week or two. From what I have read you should wait for the pistils to start receding into the bud. If you have access to a microscope check the trichomes. Most people harvest when around 75% or so of the trichomes are amber.
  3. yeah wait for the hairs to recede in the buds and the seed brachs to be fat as hell. later is better than early
  4. Thanks I don't know when I shouldstart to flush her that's my main concern right now
  5. Don't start flushing yet. Your girl looks awesome but as others have said, you have at least 2 more weeks. The pistils have not receded and abut half of the pistils are still white. Take a look at the sticky thread here on harvesting and do not worry about your trichs yet.

    It also appears that the calyxes have not swelled yet. Now this is just my thoughts, if it was my plant I would feed it some blackstrap molasses at a rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. It will cause your buds to swell with resins and increase the weight of your buds.

    Molasses or not, you have very good looking female plant and still have a minimum of 2 weeks to go just from the looks of things. Wait and you will be rewarded. Good luck.
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    K cool thanks I gave her blackstrap the other day. Should I give her that every watering. My top fan leaves r turning yellow is this normal
  7. could be losing nitrogen which would be normal in late stages
  8. thats not two weeks to go, thats at least three. start flushing in a week or two, its ok if theres leaves yellowing now and before you harvest you actually want most of your leaves to have yellowed/dropped.
  9. K thanks for the info. I appreciate all I can get
  10. K thanks for the info I appreciate all I can get. Do I use Blackstrap every watering from here on out

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