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    Sour diesel today is 8 weeks of flower. PH was kept in the high 5's 5.6 to 5.9. GH nutes. Room temp stays at 70 with a plus 5 minus 2 variable. CO2 is used. I have mites bad. I tried treating them but I didnt want anything on the plants this late in flower.


    Misc. info.
    After setting a bug bomb off it seemed as if the plants went into a nice bulking of flower production around week 5. Then they gradualy slowed again.
    Food shcedule and strain were same as last crop. Mites were not as bad. I did have some problems with leaf colors not looking healthy but nothing like this.
    600w lights

    Can the mites be the cause of all of this?
    My nodes seem to far apart is this the strain or is there a way to keep them closer?
  2. Hmmm. Ive stumped 27 guys already, if ya want to PM me ideas thats fine and I will look into it.
  3. Well things do not look good, thats for sure. I see a ton of Mite damage and some other nutrient deficiencies as well. What is the PH in your runoff? What and how much do you feed it and how bad is your mite infestation at this point?

    I also see some leaves that are turned up as well as leaves that are turned down...Looks like some heat stress as well as some malnutrition and maybe even some overwatering at some point.

    Anyhow...there are some very knowledgable people on this site that may have more insight but you have some real issues that will affect your quality and quantity of your harvest and I could not tell you where to start with your issues...

    Good luck...
  4. Update - Noticed your PH and what you were feeding it as well as your temps...Good luck and hope everything turns out for you.
  5. Howdy! Your girls are looking a little under the weather, but I see a few problems working in harmony there.

    First off, there looks to be a shortage of phosphorus & potassium. The yellow leaves and necrosis, red stems, dark green, brown tips, all kinda look like it. This was probably an earlier problem though. The tall stretchiness is usually low potassium, not exactly a deficiency, but just low. K also is used by the plant to fight off bugs & disease.

    The next problem is the mites - they can stress a plant out pretty severely (understandably) and cause that curling and just strange stuff over all. The taco up top is usually heat, magnesium def, or stress (bugs, water, etc.).

    So, that's my 2 cents on the problems/issues. As far as fixing everything, I think you might know it's too far to expect any nutrient problems to be fixed, but those mites are scary fast.

    I'd be harvesting early myself. I'd suggest attacking them as heavily as you feel comfortable doing. This far along I would get some soap or neem oil mixture in a bucket and get to wiping bottom leaves with a sponge (and gloves!), or just cut them. Keep in mind the more you mess with them, the more they can spread.

    Best of luck partner, wish I had more encouraging answers, but luckily this run is near the end anyways.
  6. One of the trays is sagging in the middle so it could be causing some of the overwatering Will fix this. I flood 3 times a day for 15 mins. Up from 2 times last crop Go back to 2?. The mites are very bad Im not sure they could be any worse without them turning cannibal lol.
  7. Yes, this grow is in flush. I know they went into shock and figured it was the mites because after the bomb I noticed growth, then it slowed. My room temp stays in the area I mention but putting a thermometer under lights gets a reading of 90 at the top of plants. Can you recommend any nutes to add to GH nutes that may help?
  8. Are you in soil or hydro? Below 6 pH is too low for soil. If you're in soil, bring it up to 6.5.

    My plants did a similar thing in flowering when I had a pH problem. I also mistook it for overwatering at first.

    edit: if you're in hydro, I'm betting it's the mites.
  9. your ladies been flowering for 8 weeks, yes? if so, id say what you are seeing is pretty normal. at the end of the plant's life it pulls the last of the stored nutrients in the fan leaves, causing them to turn colors. kinda like the leaves on the trees in the fall.

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