8 Weeks Flower,new Growth,calyx Swlling

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  1. So this is interesting. I am at 8 weeks flower on a single cola plant. The bud has nice THC production on it and has recently started to have swollen calyx's. The trichomes are not amber yet and mostly clear to clowdy. I thought it was done growing but all of a sudden it has a new shoot at the very top of the bud and new clusters are shooting out all over. Is this normal? It is some bag seed of I have no idea,lol. The bud is about a foot tall and about a lemon size in width. Almost forgot,the new growth on top had started curling for some reason,so I added more fert and now the new growth is growing in normal. 
    I will post a new pic soon.

  2. Second growth at 8 weeks means it needs some time to mature
  3. Ok,thanx man. Hopefully only a few weeks left,but its no tellin.
  4. So... I'm having a similar "issue", I let my soil dry out (not completely, but it was more dry than it should have been) two times, once at 6-7 weeks and once just recently (going in to 9 weeks currently) and I've got new growth and white pistils on all plants.
    Is it just that it was locked out because of the dryness and then resumed flowering on its own once it was watered? Or is it something that happens to everyone? It's kinda confusing o_O
  5. Sounds like your typical sativa... if it is a sativa lol. My strawberry did the same thing.

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