8 week flower cycle, SOG

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  1. im thinking of setting up a DWC system for SOG style grow, the root room for an 8 week flower cycle strait from rooted clone wouldnt have to be that large i'm thinking. I've noticed that I dont get a huge root ball untill after about about 10 weeks of veg, and in flower maybe there's less root growth ?

    would i be able to get away with less of a rezivoir for an SOG grow due to the short duration of the plants life?
  2. Welcome to the "Darkside" my friend......:cool:
  3. My understanding is that roots grow faster in veg, so I'd imagine you could downsize a bit if you're going to induce flowering right after the clones root. I'm not an expert though, I'd get some other opinions too :)
  4. Here's my basic idea.. 4-6 of these containers (except the ones im looking at are a bit taller than this, but there wont be much depth.


    think thats enogh root room?
  5. I'd keep the bottom fully in tact, but on the sides I'd cut out the horizontal dividers just to help prevent crowding.
  6. horizontal dividers? those baskets will go into holes i cut in the lid, the bottom will be full of liquid.

    i think dividers would just cut down onlight.
  7. Im liking your idea, and i was thinking of setting up a small hydro but where do you get all your supplies in our neck of the woods?
  8. walmart, lowes / home depot, the local hydro shop..

    I just get ideas and go find stuff that works for em ;)

    its kinda fun

    I think I found the perfect containers today!
  9. Not sure what I meant by that but I'm sure it sounded brilliant to me at the time. I guess I was higher than I thought, lol
  10. haha!

    Here's how im thinking of setting up my room:

    here's the container i'll be using (big blue things on the drawing)

    Looks like i can fit 16 per side, or is this too crowded?
  11. these containers are about 7" tall. is this too shallow for a DWC set up?

    anyone think this will work?
  12. I think you got some nice potential mord. I might mimic your SoG style with those containers. :smoke:
  13. well i dont even know if its a good idea yet.

    DWC stands for DEEP water culture. this would be,.. umm, shallow :p haha

    I've only had two grows, just want to see if anyone with a lil know how has an idea on it.
  14. i think hydro growers recommend at least 1 gal nutrient solution per plant
  15. It's gonna work just fine Bro. Harvesting indvidual plants is gonna suck maybe you can harvest in sections?

    When "RayJay" harvests he cuts the whole box at one time he has 8 - 430 Watt boxes...one per week and one fer' exotic stuff and soil stuff.
    He only has 11/2 inches below his cups in the res.
    Hey Mordgrow my PM's are "Messin" up (won't send) I'll PM asap ;)
  16. Me...Me...Me...I think it will work ;)
  17. mord, i love you. I've been talking to drgbudz and trying to think of exactly this. please make this work and keep us updated =p. love your work so far

  18. awsome, i was totaly waiting for your reply, :hello:

    I've got 8 clones that i hope will root and break my cloning curse, I think i'm going to hydro the moms cuz, well i wouldnt know what to do with soil :rolleyes:

    I'll be harvesting "half" a container at a time (16 plants or so), it shouldnt be too bad, the lids fold up in the middle so there's an obvious break, i'll just use that as my divider.

    the idea is to pack em in as tight as possible right?

    dont sweat the PMs, i wont have questions till im closer to setting this up, and i need to finish my 3 plants that are flowring right now first, or at least get some mothers going (though i guess i could cut more clones off these plants.. flowering clones ftw!)
  19. Yup pack them in there....half will prolly work just fine at harvest...are they clear like in the pic?

    If so KRYLON makes a CAMO ultra-flat black that will stick to plastic...that fixes that

    Let's show these guys how a real SOG works....

    Do you have access to old HIGHTIMES....in February 2007 page 89 is a pic of what you will harvest it's even a PPPclone
    16 of them will be 112 grams a week to start but once you get your veg height down you are lookin at more like 350 grams or more...you and the Mrs's are gonna have more Hash than ya know what to do with
  20. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya haha :wave:

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