8 Sour diesel Clones, Tips/hints ? pics included

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  1. i have 8 sour diesel clones the have been veg. for almost 2 and half weeks in 5 gal. pots. they are under 1000w hps for 18 light and 6 dark hours. i water them about twice every week and half. i am using foxfarm oceans forest with worm castings mixed. i am using foxfarm big bloom for my current nutes and about to start adding foxfarm grow big. they are in a 5x5x6ft grow tent with reflective foiling (not white walls). Temp is constantly 77.4deg light hours and dark hours goes to about 72 or 73.pH is always 6.8. i attached some pics, any tip/hints would be very helpful! when should i start flowering? and any other comments/hints/tips would be really helpful! thankyou

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  2. They look real good man, although ur wasting ur bloom nutes, dont use them till its flowering time, just use the grow big nutes. At this stage in their life they need as much nitrogen as they can get (without nute burning them). Also do u and have a fan or anything moving air around in the grow chamber? as this will help thicken stems of the plants and keep stale air from settleing.

    The plant look in good condition but have u thought about lowering ur ph a bit more? around 5.8 or 6 is idealy where u would like to be.

  3. Looks great so far. what do you use for odor control?
    Start flowering when you think they are big enough, probably another 2-3 weeks.
    Remember they still grow when you flower them, so allow for extra room
  4. yes Bionic i have 2 6" inline exhaust fans going thru the 1000w light, to cool the light. and i have an air conditioned room to keep the temp at 77deg F. and i have 1 of the opened vent flaps open 24hrs to suck in the fresh air conditioned air, and the humidity is constantly at 51%. and i have 1 vornado fan hi tech fan! and 1 osculating fan. the fans are diagonal from each other inside the grow tent. im going to put the pics up 2mrw.
  5. lookin good so far. sounds like you've done your homework, or done this before. Bionic is probably right about not using the bloom nutes.

    i think sour diesel is gonna have to be the next strain i grow when i get tired of the current one. it always looks so yummy. much luck to ya.
  6. more pics

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  7. i have another 6" fan at the other end of the duct work connected to a custom box spitting out the hot air so that no hot air gets back into the room...not included on the pics
  8. How can i keep the humidity at 50% ? Some times it will drop to 40% when its real hot weather ie. Summer
  9. wait the humidity drops when it gets hot? i thought it worked the other way around. %40 sounds ok though.
  10. ya the humidity drops about 10% mid day bc its summer right now and the heat. wierd. bc i have an air conditioner in the room. HOW DOES MY SETUO LOOK?
  11. looks frickin sweet
  12. Really really nice plants man and ur setup is perfect. You myt wanna bring your humidity down to 40% max durring flower to prevent bud mold. Have you thought about Co2 enrichment, coz i think thats the only thing ur missing, everything else is perfect. Tend to those babies well and ur gonna end up with alot of dank!!

  13. thanks bionic ! ive never used co2 before what would i need to get and what would i have to do to set it up? And how do i lower the humidity ? im guesing buy a de-humidifyer ?
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    for co2 you need a co2 tank obviously. probably about 20lbs or more. then you need a regulator which will change the 600-800 psi coming out of the tank to something more useful like 20 psi or so. then probably either a timer to release co2 a couple times a day, or a ppm meter that will always keep the room at a certain parts-per-million (ppm). it's obviously more effective going the constant ppm route. lastly some kind of tubing delivery. usually it's haloed above the plants because co2 is heavier than air and will gradually fall to the floor, enriching the plant as it goes.

    and yes the easiest way to lower humidity is to use a dehumidifier.

  15. Yeah u can use a dehumidifier or increase your air flower through the grow chamber. Best of luck to you btw man with the grow.

    Using a co2 tank is not the only way to increase co2 levels, you can use the yeast sugar and mead method, work through fermentation and is pretty effective, use the search function if you need to find a thread on how to make it. "homemade co2" shud bring up the right results.
  16. ok, thanks bionic! Is it absolutely necessary to have the c02 ? would i regret not buying the co2 setup?

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