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  1. First attempt at cloning using this technique, its been 2 and a half days i put rapid start in the water and my ppm is about 150 temp running around 75f+/-5degrees, ph was intially set to 5.8 checked it today and it had rose to 7 so i re adjusted and its back at 5.8 now, my question is i noticed the water has a slight smell and is a little cloudy should i be concerned? Cuttings loom very healty no roots yet. Didnt know if i should be worried about the smell and change out water or let.it go a few more days and wait to see roots. Thanks for any help/advise. I could be over thinking my, i asked my girlfriend to smell it, and she said it smells like nutrients.

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  2. Did you pull the bucket out of the tent just for this photo? I'd definitely want the clones to be closer to the light.

    I built an aerocloner using Rumple's technique a while back, and I used a rooting solution too. My rooting solution allowed bacteria to develop in the water (which translated to mold growing on the cuttings) so since then, I've only used straight water. Just my 2¢

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