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8 Potential Strains-Upgraded System-Dry's 09 Project

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by dryassistance, Jun 3, 2009.

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    Ok so I had a grow journal before but erased it because the main strain I had started with (Passion #1) sucked something horrible. Very little resin production and only semi decent yields. I had stopped growing(would have considered myself a average grower until this Passion shit :( ) for 3-4 years and came back to a shitty start.

    But thats in the past and as I finish out blooming the last of the Passion and a few Purple Lightnings(which actually turned out quite awesome :) ) my amigo's and I have started to put together our new set up.

    We picked up the first of 3 scheduled major purchases last Friday and every second Friday for the next 4 weeks we will be picking up the rest.

    * = Already have purchased.
    BR = Bloom Room
    VR = Veg Room


    2x 600 Watt PlantMax Digi. Hps BR
    1x 400 Watt PlantMax Digi. Hps *BR
    8x 3 Ft T5 Sunblasters VR *
    3x 18in EcoStar Chrome Refelectors *(Have 1)BR
    4x8 Ebb and flow table-BR
    2x4 Ebb and Flow table-VR*
    2xET 420's (Timers for tables)*
    1xLarge Carbon Scrubber *BR
    2xRS-6 Canfans - 270 Cfm*BR
    1x550 CFM Fulltech Outtake Fan*BR
    1x105 CFM Tubaxial*BR/VR
    15xft Foil Flex 6 inch Ducting*BR/VR
    10xft Foil Flex 4 inch Ducting*BR/VR
    1x thermal.humid.Board-BR*
    1xRoll Black and White Poly*BR/VR
    1xRoll Table Cover/Root cover BR
    60x 3inch rockwool cubes or probably just full 3 inch sheets I can cut myself.*
    50x 4 inch Mesh pots*(got 60)
    3xBags 50 liter Hydroton Pellets*(got one bag for now , the others can wait a month or so)
    1xTDS Meter-LOL I went big and got a whole TDS/PH/Thermometer meter*
    Raingrow Veg Mix*
    Running out of Raingrow and starting on a local stores product.*
    B Cuzz Root Stimulator *
    Rootech Gel*

    I currently have 8 strains in various stages from germinating to a few weeks LST'd.
    ATM- Euphoria-Femmed-Early LST stage
    - Alaskan Ice-Femmed-Broke ground
    - Trainwreck-Femmed-Broke ground
    - Ata Tundra x2-Regular- 1 broke ground waiting on other.
    - Super Lemon Haze-Femmed- Waiting
    - Afghani #1 x2-Regular-Waiting
    -Purple Lightning-Female-Had two tops as a clone and have LST'd both sides to circle 3 gallon Pot

    We are growing in a 12x10 room with one window.
    We are splitting the room with a Black n white Poly wall.White on both sides of course :).
    The room is a glossy white paint so no real need to poly or mylar the walls.
    The room will be spilt 7 ft x10 ft by 5ft x10ft.The window being in the 7ft section. This will be the bloom room. It will house the 4x8 table and its gear , the scrubber , the other Canfan as my intake to both rooms via Y connector and 6 inch foil flex tubing , all the HPS lights , and 550 CFm fan for outtake. The 105 fan will be mounted to the ceiling and be basically part of the poly wall , with it acting as a outake from the veg room to the bloom room , with a few feet of 4 inch flex tubing hanging on either side so as not to allow any potential light transfer. The 5ft x 10 ft room will be my Veg and Mothers room. This will house a 4x2 ebb and flow table with its gear , 4x40 watt t5s over the veg table and in a sliding door closet( doors removed) that is 2.5 ft deep- 4x40 watt t5s over my mothers of choice.

    Ill Post some pics of the few sprouts and small starting mothers soon and should have the room built some time this week or weekend. Any input , suggestions or just checking out my progression back to an average grower are greatly appreciated!!!!!!

    "Boats and Hoes!!!!!!" For ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fuck I only wish I could have a whole room to grow, that'd be so sweet. Gonna be a pretty penny purchasing all of that. Only reason I haven't partioned off a part of my room, simply can't afford it. Hopefully after this harvest tho =D

    Looking forward to the pics.

  3. Thanks for the Interest!!!!!!

    Heres a few pics of equip and start of mothers :)

    My Guards!!! LOL-NOT













    More Pics with every purchase and Room Development. 1.5 weeks will next buy.

    3.5 weeks till room is complete!!!!!
  4. Went to work , came home and now 2/2 Ata Tundra(reg) have broke ground and 1/2 Afghani #1.:):)

    Now just to wait on the S.L.H , LSD and the last Afghani. Im thinking if I get a male out of the Ata tundra or Afghani , Ill keep it(away from my ladies of course) and collect some pollen for future use.
    3 more weeks and 2 days till I have all my materials n such. Seems like a fucking eternity.

    Our overall plan is to have 5 vegged plants go into the bloom room every 7 days. Most likely 3 of 1 strain and 2 other strains for the final 2/5 slots.Most of the strains I have are early bloomers so Ill probably fill the 3/6 slots with those.

    Hope my LSD or SLH pops tonite :) :)
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    Ok so We put some serious work into the room today. The Purple Lightning , Euphoria , Train Wreck , Alaskan Ice (all females) , Ata Tundra and Afghani #1 are the strains that have survived the germination and potting process. SLH-LSD-1 Afghani did not. One Tundra and the surviving Afghani are looking stunted >< , but other then that , after today , I am really happy with progress. Heres some pics Before and after of the room. Another big purchase this week and Ill almost have everything. More Pics to come next post!!!

    The Room!!!! Before

    The plants were in this closet.

    The 105 cfm mounted in the box , sucking from the veg to the bloom. Where the 550 is used as my outtake.
    The veg room , just stepped out of the bloom room.
    The PL Mom LST'd and recently pinched.
    Euphoria needing to be tied down again.

    Trainwreck , Alaskan Ice and Ata Tundra all looking good.

    *LOL for those that dont know the weeks by the strain name on the pots is the bloom period for said strain.

    So thats this week.
    Wall Built.Black and white poly White facing out on both sides of wall.
    Ventilation system set up in full , with scrubber+270cfm , 105 outtake,550 outtake and the 270 Intake all set up.
    Hooks for 3 HPS lights Put into studs.(one hung)
    The moms are comming along pretty well.
    We will be 10 x more stoked come this friday when we grab the next big purchases.
    KK See Yahs Next Week!!!!!!:wave:
  6. I notice your lsting with tie downs. I hav not LST'd yet but i would like to learn. Could you give me some pointers? Are you using weight on the zip ties or is there a string tied to a stake somewhere?

  7. Just the ties. This is only the 2nd time ive LST'd.
    I just followed the LST guide that some genius posted on here!!!!! Its rather far anyways :)
    The Purple Lightning was a clone cut from one thats currently in flower. It had 2 tops so I just zip tied each top (not tightly , like 2 cm diameter) and inserted the other end of the zip into the soil. I find its much easier while your stem is still flexible. As you can see the PL is doing quite well and currently has clones available to be cut , but i pinched em off yesterday so a few weeks from now ill be able to cut teice as many!!!!!
    The euphoria was grown from seed so as soon as it produced its second set of leaves I did the same thing.

    Thanks for taking a interest
  8. WooHooo!!!!!!

    I love every second friday!!!!!

    Heres a list of todays pick ups toward grow room completion. :)

    2x4 Ft Ebb and Flow table with all its accessories. Pump (264 Gph) Resevoir and Tubing
    Thermometer ,Humidity board. Hook all fans to it and it takes care of buisness!!!
    60x 4inch Mesh pots.
    1x 50 L bag of hydroton
    New set of Nutes. Trying a Local stores stuff for a change.
    The zipper attachment for the Poly wall between the two rooms.
    2x Hooks to hang the T5s over the 2x4 table.
    2xET420 timers for my pumps.

    and the big buy of the day ..... <Insert Drumroll Here> .............

    A Digital Tri meter. Finally no more PH testing or adjusting , and some accurate TDS readings , plus thermometer to boot!!!!!

    Ok so that still leaves 2 600w HPS's , 2 reflectors , the 4x8 Table and accessories left to buy.

    Pics tomorrow of the mothers now and the equip bought today!!!!!
  9. Ohhhhhh! okay I see how. How big was youur plant before you began to LST? And also does poking them into the soil damage the plant? Last but not least, I LST'd mine but I think I did too early. Theres no internods where it is tied down lol. Isnt the point of LST's to make the internode brances grow up, not out?
  10. With the PL it was 1 week out of the clone tray before I used the ties. With every other plant(from seed) in there I waited till the plants had their 2nd set of leaves. Not counting the lil round ones.

    I wondered about that at first , but after the way the PL has gone , I dont think putting em right in the soil was bad at all. I could actually remove the first 3 I put on the PL now and it would probably stay growing the way it is.

    As far as what LST does exactly .... Im not 100% sure. I do it so you get more internode growth , so I can get more clonable foliage. When I finally bloom out one of my mothers though , I will definately let yah know(with pics and journal) exactly how it benefits a bloomed plant!!!!!
    Hope that answers your questions dude!!!!!

    Heres some pics from yesterdays pick up and todays work on the room!!!!!!
    Temp-Humidity Board
    Cutting for the Zipper Door and it installed.
    Tri Meter= PH-TDS-Therm and Pump for 2x4 table.
    1 of 2 ET420 Timers
    2x4 table and res-theres 60 4 inch pots aswell out of view.
    The table got boxes in it atm cause my mothers are sitting on top of em to be real close to my 4 x 40 W t5s not to mention , it will be a week before the table will be used.

    Euphoria , Tied her down again last night.

    Purple lightning. 1st pic is the mother. 2nd 3rd and 4th is my first PL bloomed out a few days away from being done. It was in soil.


    Ata Tundra

    Alaskan Ice

    Thats it for today. Gonna hang some lights and probably set up and test the table and test other equips.
    Stay tuned for more pics and progress!!!!!!!
    Thanks :)
  11. damn man your grow is looking sick so far i cant wait to follow :D

  12. Thanks :)

    1 more major purchase 2 Fridays from now and things should be on the go.
    Still gotta buy the 4 x 8 table and 2x 600 w HPS , aswell as a few small purchases. I should be cutting clones off the PL mom this week and pinching off the Euphoria.

    PS- My Humidity and Temperature board kick ass!!!!!! I love just setting the temp and humidity and having the board tell my Ventilation system to turn on or off. I can barely hear it all kick in, and Im sleeping in the room next door to it!!!!!!!!!

    Take care my herb smoking amigo's!!!!!!

    Thanks for any interest you take in my journal!!!!
    Suggestions always welcome and questions answered if I can!!!!!!!
    Im out!!! Cya on clone day!!!
  13. everything is looking great i will be following this one !!!!

  14. Thanks!!!!!! :D:D

    So tonite we hung all the T5s and set up the 2x4 table. Last nite we cut 5 clones off the PL mother!!! We also had started the last 5 seeds of the PL. 3 germinated and are currently in the tray with the clones.

    Ill post pics again soon!!!

    Thanks for checking the Dry's 09 Project out. ;)
    Any suggestions and questions are more then welcome!!!!!
  15. Update DayOk so we have paid for the 4x8 table and its related equipment, just gotta wait for a opportune time to bring it into the building. Cant have neighbors seeing a 4x8 table making its way into the pad during the daytime!!!!!The 4x2 in the veg room has its first plants :) ...... well Im happy and feeling like a tard all at once.... The first clones cut we put into rockwool , but we forgot to soak it for 24 hours first :( so our babies are burnt ...they all rooted , but its not looking great as you will see in the pics.Other then that hiccup , everything is going great. My mothers are really comming along. LST for days.Hope yahs like the pics , we will post some pics of the bloom room and the 4x8 as soon as its in house and has something in it!!!!!!!!!!

    The PL mom.[​IMG]

    Euphoria mom.[​IMG]

    Alaskan Ice mom.[​IMG]

    Ata Tundra's - Not sexed yet.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Trainwreck mom.[​IMG]

    PL seedlings.[​IMG]

    Burnt Clones :([​IMG]

    New clones :)[​IMG]

    Thanks for checking out our journal , All questions and suggestions appreciated :) Take Care Growers!!!!

  16. Ok so havent updated in a bit.

    We were all sick of being poor , using all our loot to buy all the upgrades for a set up , so we took a payday off and pushed our estimated time to be fully set up time back 2 weeks.

    All the mothers are doing well. The PL looks like a lil bush , the Alaskan Ice has exploded with growth and girth , the Trainwreck is starting to bush a bit , Euphoria is slowed down a bit , but healthy and bushy none the less.

    Those are all females for sure.

    The other survivors of the original 8 strains are 2 Ata Tundra and 1 Afghani #1.

    One of the Ata's and the Afghani both were very slow and I thought they may have stunted.....Boy that was wrong. Musta stressed em a bit at first because after the lull in growth , theyve almost all caught up to the feminized plants listed above.
    Recently put both tundras and the Afghani into bloom to sex them.

    Crossing fingers on the hopes of , 1 female and 1 male out of the Tundras and a female Afghani.

    Have 11 clones(8 PL-3 Euphoria) on veg table now and 6(3PL -3-EU) in the tray. Cut more tomorrow!!!!! Probably cut off all mothers!!!!!

    Thanks for tuning in , sorry no pics today :(
    See yahs with pics soon !!!!!
  17. Update day!!!!!!

    Ok so we now only have one 600 watt HPS left to buy and the whole set up is complete!!!!!! We grabbed and installed 1 600 watt hps and the 4x8 ebb n flow table with the 800 gph pump. Raised the intake fan and positioned it over the lights. So far heat hasnt been an issue with the 550 cfm bad boy sucking air out!!!!

    Out of all the seeds we germinated , only one was male!!!!!!!!!(aside from the 3 PL , that we havent sexed yet)

    The sole afhani #1 is a female!!!
    One of the 2 Ata tundras is a female and the other a male!!!!!!!
    Now we got a male to bloom out and collect some pollen. We're real excited cause its a low bloom time strain and hoping that portion of its genetics will crossover into w/e we cross it with.!!! fingers crossed!!!

    Heres some pics of the Moms the 2x4 with a few small 2 week old clones , a tray full of clones , the new 4x8 table and elevated intake and the rigged 600 watt HPS and reflector.













    Ok so , the one mother that aint doing so hot is euphoria. Not sure what the bitches problem is cause the other ladies are doing just fine!!!!

    The last pic is the the lone male Ata Tundra.
    We havent filled the 4x8 table or turned on the new light yet cause it will be a week or so before there are clones that are ready for bloom. So the male is just in there under the 400 watt HPS.
    Got to pick up a 50 watt CFL and move th male to a closet and ghetto bloom him out to collect pollen rather then risking him letting any unwanted pollen in the bloom room.

    Basically....a week or so and the Death Star.....errr new set up will be complete :p and have about 4-5 plants starting in the 4x8 and every week after that 4-5 more enter!!!!

    Thanks for checking out the Project!!!!!
    Take care and good luck all you growers!!!!


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