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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by critter, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. My backs been killing me all day .l even took pain killers.l,ve had friends in and out all day .lts been real cold.l cleaned the fish tanks and the pond[mrs critter did].We got the music playing real loud.The grand kids still love us ,lol,the kids hate to love us but they do ,lol.My juicyfriut is nearly ready.Summer is coming .life is good my friends .
  2. Just had lunch, the better half is off playin music with the guys, younguns are watchin\' a movie.........I\'m gettin\' ready to try and rake up some apples while I fight the bees and trip over the cat. Silly me I\'m thinkin\' about gettin\' a puppy. I better wait.
  3. 3:09 am Sun morning.,...

    life\'s grand when yer fubar.
  4. 10:10 saturday night.waiting for that hillbilly race to get over. on the bright side it looks like my guy just might take that kenseth fellow :D
  5. 2:30 monday afternoon no less, just finished de-marijuanining the house for the inlaws.i ever mention i really dislike certain company :D
  6. but your a crazy ole\' woman that really lazy, and likes to keep hundreds of cats in you one room shack! You couldn\'t clean a fish tank! Unless..........
  7. 11:30 friday night, i make my way to critters house for some juicy fruit delight!
  8. Ya most welcome friend ,l got plenty to spare [​IMG]
  9. now where did i leave my private jet again?????
  10. l,ll pick ya up from the airport on the harley if ya like :D.
  11. it was 10 oclock on a saturday and i was gonna drive to work , but then i got high, drove around by the haunted houses, because i got high, listen to the beat i made in my car (it bumps tight) because im high, now im sittin at work online at grasscity, cottonmouth awwwwwww just ruined it, yeah make sure you got some chicks on that harley critter
  12. Hey ,l,ve waiting at the airport for a month now :D.

  13. awe! what a good guy! :)

  14. dammnit critter i didnt know u had a harley....cruz over n pick me up hey...

    gotta love a hog..

  15. Well, hey momma :D lf it ever stops raining l might just come for a ride .

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