8 plants not enough space, What should i do.

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  1. well i was not going to post anything on here about my grow but figured I really needed help and rather get input on what to do. Do not come to my thread and bash me saying I have not done my research.

    i have 8 plants total, 3 are since april 8th and the other ones are about 3 weeks.

    PH run off - 6.3 using spring water<-- a little low?
    Ferts general organic line, Bio root, Bio Thrive, CA-MG, and Seaweed
    Soil Organic somthing from HD
    400watt HPS
    Bag seed.

    Should I get rid of the small ones now and replant the larger ones in the 3 gal pots??

    I know they have been over watered and nute burned so I have not fed themfor a couple days and cut the water back.

    I had more fun building my grow box then i am having now because my plants are just not growing! Any productive comments will be great.

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  2. Aren't those lights extremely close to your plants for a 400watt. Thats probably destroying your plant. I would raise them up
  3. Yeah looks a bit close. What kind of temps are you running at the top of your cannopy. Those bigger ones look heat stressed to me.
  4. Light too close, over/under watering, and deff nutrient deficiency, the spotting and yellowing of leaves is a dead giveaway, time to start 1/4 fert
  5. Don't water till the soil is crusty and in large pots that would be 2" down to moisture, in cups such as those 1/2" plants take dry periods way better than flooding, they can use moisture in them in a drought but when overwatered the roots can breathe and ur plant will suffocate
  6. When i get home from work i will post more information. I didnt think temps were an issue i just put them under the hps may 6th before that it was cfl
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    Ya an HPS should be a couple feet away, not close like cfl
  8. I have a dual temp/Humidity meter at the base of the plants and the tempature was at 81 degrees.

    Question :
    1. People Since i do not have the room for a 8 plant grow should i just pic the best 4 and replant now?

    2. People say it looks like a nute defficiency? I want to confirm this.

    3. I stated my ph run off from the plants is 6.3, Is this locking out some nutes?

    4. I cut the lighting from 24/7 to 18/6 I am pretty sure this is ok.

    I moved the lights up. about 2' away.

    I ask you to act like this was your grow and give the way you would do it given the space.

    Thank you.
  9. Check out my thread 'deficiency list' under sick plants it gives u a breakdown of each nute, what lacking it causes, how to fix it and there is a quick reference chart to look at

    Take it step by step, change something and see how it reacts, like moving ur light and watering less, changing those two together might just fix the majority of ur problems, don't just go altering everything at once or u might not realize what it is u changed that worked, confusing u later on the same issues
  10. Thank you man for great input. I am not afraid to read anything but just like when i first started with saltwater fish tanks EVERYTHING seems overwhelming.
  11. all these response are spot on however these plants have been growing since 4/8/11, i would think repotting would help dramatically CODinmybones and raise those lights.I believe your plants could be root bound along with all the other recommendations. when a plant becomes root bound it can show signs like it looking like its over or under watered and not be able to move the neuts around and will show signs of deficiencies when really it just cant get to them. I would Transplant right away into 3 gal square containers (takes less space than round or grow bags), see how she responds, and follow ccoastal's thread on sick plants if theres no change. i would all so keep the best ones and eliminate the weak ones for space. i know its hard or at least it was for me but you can give all you love to the strongest ones. good luck!!
  12. I totally agree with Ccoastal. Not too much at once. Raise light, water less, maybe try to get temps closer to 70 although 80 really isn't too bad. But some strains really don't like it that hot. Always give it a couple days too see what happens. Good luck man. You'll figure it out.
  13. Yeah I am usually in 5 gal pots by that time.

  14. Actually I would like to disagree, root bound is also another symptom. He should check the roots. Also maybe there isn't enough drainage in his containers as well. Which can cause root rot. An could also be the reason for overwatering. Root bound plants tend to take the signs of nutrient deficiency and drooping.

    I agree on nutrient overfeeding as a added problem. But not the only problem.


    If you don't have the space for 8 then don't grow 8.

    I would only consider growing 2 good sized plants in there. Or 4 Smaller sized plants.

    6.3 is low but not low enough to greatly effect your plants in vegetation.

    Your just over caring for your plants, feeding to much, and watering to often.
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    I would have to agree, didn't think about/pay attention to the age.

    I think he was planning on doin extra in case some came out male
  16. Thank you guys! Posting from my phone so wont be long. I will be buying square pots tommorow.

    Only planted 8 in hopes of getting 2-3 females. I would hate for only males. Atleast its a learning experience.
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    They for sure big enough to sex, slam them back to 12/12 it will take a cpl weeks longer than if u didn't, but u know for 100% what the sex is, be patient with it females usually always take longer to show sex than males, keep posting there are lots of us willing to help u out

  18. True, But 8? By the time they mature enough to even sex there's no way 8 will fit in there unless he prematurely flowers which would kind of diminish his outcomes. CODinmybones when do you plan on flowering? You could have grown 5 plants and had a chance of 2-3 females.
  19. So guys, Ran to HD and decided on theese office trashcans that are 13 qt(3.25gal)
    I figured they should work all the way through the end. I did under estimate the amount of soil+perlite I would need so I had to run back out and get more. Now I think i will give it one week in the new containers before i push them into 12\12. From what I could see the roots were deff bound and growing back up the cups.

    I fit 5 in there pretty well I am hoping for 3 females. but am expecting all males to be on the safe side.

    I poked a ton of holes in the bottom and 1/4 way up the side of each trash can raising the cans off the bottom of the box with 1x2's

    Waiting till harvest to even smoke again. Here we GO

    Thanks again!!! Gotta love the internet and its infinite wisdom!!

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  20. Good start. Hopefully they respond positively for you. Those are some nice large containers.

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