8 plants Day 23.... how are my girls doing?

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  2. Only suggestion I can make is that I see power cords near standing water and that is no bueno. Is there a way you could zip tie them up off the floor?
  3. I took care of that. lol.   Yeah you're right, today there was a water flood in the tent and it touches the cords and luckily nothing went on fire. Nothing even happened. Wow!
  4. looking good, if it were my garden I would have about 25 solo cups jammed in there too, not one spec of free floor space. :)
  5. I just added a bunch of pictures from more angles and they're more detailed with zoom. I'm thinking about throwing 2 more autos in there, honestly, I don't see how those small indicas are gonnabe crowded and fill that tent. Don't know. How the hell does the ad indicate under perfect setting you should be harvesting 600grams in a square meter? Just doesn't make any sense.  I don't see how the size of the plants will triple or quadruple. I just don't want to start another soil set up so I'll see what is the cheapest DIY hydro buckets/set up I could make for 2 plants and I'll stick them in there. (but th at means I'll have to buy a PH kit aswell. (AGAIN, Pouring so much money into this, eh!!
  6. With autos im packing 4 to six plants in a 1 foot square bucket that's about 1.75 gallon. I can see 600 per square meter easy.
    1,000w lights do pack an extra punch.
  7. I'll see if I can work myself a couple more extra buckets and throw them in there. All I need is a pump for the water, and a vaccum with an air stone, no?
  8. no water pump just an air pump and stone.
  9. Sweet, I already have those. I bought an air pump and an air-stone because I was supposed to make a  nice compost for the fungus and bacteria but I'm too lazy and overwhelmed. 
  10. Nice job so far. Im was curious if you have fed them anything yet? Also, check out my garden journal if u feel like it. I think you will find that you could harvest more pot if you had less plants crammed together. I do 4 plants per light and they still wind up crammed in.. Also, you can use an old tote and that airstone to make a bubbler for taking clones, I just mastered this myself. Good luck partner.
  11. I saw your journal a while ago, sick grow bro. Yours is just way too professional. We're not on the same level just yet brother. I've invested more than a grand so far in this and everyday I realize I could have done things better but honestly my first threads here asking for some tips regarding what to buy and not to buy were a little overwhelming it was like a bunch of people screaming all at once and they were talking to me like I've been growing my whole life, I tried to explain many times that I have no experience in this or whatsoever but I ended up buying what I thought was right and I have many flaws in my gameplan, my next grow will probably be much better than this one, but especially right now where I'm going to lose my job in a few weeks I will probably have to wait for a little while til I save enough money to invest more in this. 
    My next grow will probably be vegging in the 150x150 tent, and I will buy reflective mylar sheets, tape them on the walls and dedicate a whole room for it. (2.5 meters wide, 2 meters high, and 6 meters long). I'm also moving from soil to DWC or coco. 
  12. Your on your way. I think you'd be surprised how fast youll get there.
  13. Regarding feeding, yes I have been lately. After I transplanted them from the 11L pots to the 25L pots they got a transplant shock. I guess maybe without noticing, one of the roots got damaged or they just didn't like the transformation so they wilted for days and did not grow an inch by a pinch. Days later, I began nuting them while they were dying and they showed drastic improvement every 24 hours.
    I will try to look for a picture of them when they began wilting and compare it to ones right now, you'll notice the difference.
  14. Make sure you let the soil dry out well and everything before watering if the roots are damaged because they will be more susceptible to root rot if overwatered. Keep us posted bro!
  15. @[member="OneFreeMan"] Absolutely man, I'm pretty sure I never overwater, especially with the fact 60-70% of my mix is perlite so it's making sure the water drains according to plan. I also water once every 2-3 days depending on whether they seem like they need the liquids or not.
    Very good, I'm sure you have heard this before but the best way to know if it is time to water is to stick your finger into the soil to the 2nd knuckle.  If it isnt bone dry, dont water.
  17. I actually haven't heard of this. What I do is I just wait with it, because my plants gave me the vibe they like drought. I try to water them no more than 2-3L of water per 25K pots (which is about 10%) and I do that only once every 2-3 days.
    Mostly 3 or 4 honestly, but for dry days where's it's very humid I do it every 2-3.
  18. I'm not sure how it translates into metric or whatever but i have 5 gallon pots and i give them 2 gallons of water once a week.
  19. That would be 1 gallon of water ever 3 days for a 7 gal pot here

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