8 plant closet RWDC [first grow]

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    Afternoon fellas,
    I spent several months reading and planning and came up with a RDWC setup, I have plans for a custom method I haven't seen anywhere on the forums, if this grow works I plan to do it on my next, this is just your run of the mill RDWC though. I put together all the knowledge I've aquired from reading these forums, and applied some of my own thoughts to it, and got started.

    I began germinating friday, and had visible taproots at 29 hours. I skipped using a propogation dome (I have my reasons), and here we are today at 46 hours, and all 8 plants are peeking out.

    This is the room as it was at 29 hours when I moved the seeds into rockwool/hydroton:

    The lights were all moved lower, this was literally directly after putting them in.

    they are:
    Buddha Tahoe, Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy,
    Afghan Kush, Afghan Kush
    SSDH. white widow, OG Kush #18

    At 46 hours (17 after moving to the buckets), they're all peeking out, this is the WW:

    I plan to update regularly, and will do my best to answer questions if anyone happens to have any.

    edit: yes I realized the title should say "RDWC" instead of "RWDC", if some mod wants to fix that, awesome, if not, my bad.
  2. [​IMG]

    Day 5. No problems or concerns as of yet.
  3. How did this turn out??
  4. guess not

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