8 People, 1 Bong Arrested Over Phelps Pot Pic

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by HighMind, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I am originally from Cola SC, and I used to go to the same gym as Leon Lott.The guy is a Real jerk.When I knew him he was head of the narcotics division of S.L.E.D.(South Carolina law Enforcement Division)..This guy was such a jerk he actually worked out with his gun on.He used to ride around in columbia in porsches and ferraris like he was on Miami Vice or something.I can remember overhearing him laugh and joke about how easy it was to bust pot smokers and how much money they brought in for the sheriff department.So nothing about this story surprises me.By the way SC is still a great party town.
  2. +1 i COMPLETELY agree with you. its a bunch of bullshit.

  3. Damn, that's crazy. The things we don't know sometimes!
  4. First off this sucks.

    BUT! If you guys think about it, this is a great story and time to get the message out about marijuana. What a great time to let the outsiders know about the truth....instead of thinking about how this sucks for him, and the overkill of taxpayers, lets use it for a positive campaign for marijuana!
  5. thats a good way of thinking about it, all this media coverage is just showing all those people who have no clue about marijuana the other side of the story, maybe more eyes will finally open and the war on drugs can cease :hello:

  6. lets do it....

    and everyone call kellogg and tell them fuck you

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