8 nodes in two inches.... Has me worried

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  1. 4 of my 4 indica's I just realized have tons of nodes. They are about 4-6 weeks in soil from cut. Switched to flower last night.... 3 are about a foot tall and one ( the healthiest looking one ) is about 18-20 inches but with more stretch and not so much of a node cluster. But the three stumpy ones, each have 6-10 nodes within a 2 - 3 inch space and maybe 4-5 nodes throughout the rest of the plant. I hear this is good, but these are almost stacked on top of each other... I fear my buds may not have room to grow and reach full potential. Can anyone give any insight? Is this going to be a problem? If so can I do anything to help it?

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  2. If they are all the same strain then it sounds to me like you've a problem in your grow area. The most likely cause is an uneven distribution of either light, air' or nutes. Is the stretchy one closest to the light/air intake?
    What's your light/air flow set up?
  3. It would be great to see a picture of this plant.  It sounds to me like you have a vigorous plant,  That is good.  Without lighting info, temp, humidity, genetics, and nutrients, soil or hydro...hard to say :)  Help us help you.  peace
  4. You will be fine. In flower the plant will stretch and the nodes will be decently far apart.
  5. hey, sorry for not giving much info. i have growing in fox farms ocean forrest, ive used a pro grow,water conditioner (z7) volcanic ash, and monster grow throughout the grow. i have 5 cfl's producing 15000 lumens, i area about 3x8x3 space. i have a fan blowing towards them to strengthen them. i have the roof off my grow area during awake areas, and co2 pads hanging from the ceiling when the roof is on during the night. humidity im not sure... temp it is between 73-76 during awake, and drops to 66-68 during nights. ( i cant get it any lower ) i water them on average about once every 5 or 6 days. they were put in soil oct 4th, they are clones Larry OG or Louie OG, im not sure. and i have a Sour Desiel as well. the one that is super long, was the farthest from the light which is why i think it stretched, 
    everything looks perfectly healthy just small. i realized 2 weeks into my grow i had accidentally been using 2700k bulbs, and immediately switched to the proper ones, ive had them 1-2 inches from the plants at all times... except one day when i came home and the tall one had grown into the light and burned it so i started raising it to 3 inches when i go to work. they are currently on a 12/12 light period, made the transistion two days ago. ph has been 6.3-6.5 every time i water. ( ppm was 1100 last time i checked a coupel days ago ) they are currently sleeping but they wake up at 11 i will take a pic then, but i will look to see if i have one in my phone now. 
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    I had a mammoth clone like it, 6 nodes in a nickles space. she grew dense golf ball sized nugs that made for colas the size of my forearm. During the last week buds at the bottom of my cola would break at the stem and harvest themselves like little apple trees. :) you should be Extra mindful of humidity and air circulation. My diesel always show longer space between nodes than my kushes and grow more vigorously. Guessing the diesel is the tall one? lots of kush strains grow pretty slow.
  7. actually no the deisel one is not any of the ones I'm talking about or any concern the sour d is growing fine in my opinion.... My main concern is although the stems are rather beefy for their height is hate for the weight of buds to break them being they are so short, 3 hours and they are awake and I'll snap a pic. But I doubt I'd get colas the size of my forearms... That'd be taller than my plants!

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    If the stems are stout and you are not planning to veg very long your bud shouldn't weigh it down too much. Plants with weaker stems i will tie the branches to bamboo. If i know it needs support and will get out of control I'll screen them.
  9. Plants need air for vigorous growth. CO2 pads are practically useless, especially at night when plants are not photo synthesizing. Get a proper extracter fan and let them breath. Passive ventilation doesn't work...
  10. Sounds to me like you already have it figured out.  Write this off to strain genetics.  Thanks for the info.  You have the right idea.  Patience :)
  11. since using the co2 pads I've seen significant changes in growth for the better IMO maybe it has nothing to do with the pads, but... They have a decent airflow thought the growspace, for the time being... The growroom can not change. Unfortunatly it just isn't possible for now.

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  12. ive already taken them out of veg and into flower a couple days ago, have not seen any changes in the plants as of yet which I don't expect to see much difference for at least like 10 more days I'd assume. It sucks but my veg period got cut short due to suddenly having to move in 6 weeks, which.... Doesn't seem is going to be good at all because I doubt there is a way to speed up flower period without compromising the yield I need like 10 weeks but, ugh idk I guess we will see what happens, can't really drive 3k miles with plants and expect them to survive, especially in winter. But I snapped some pics so I'll post them now... Also good call about the bamboo tying that totally slipped my mind. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416209923.790688.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416209937.774253.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416209951.377882.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416209965.657318.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416209976.712594.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416209987.507289.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416210002.390498.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416210012.861210.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416210022.974495.jpg

    Keep in mind this is my very first grow. And came into this with absolutely zero knowledge of what I was doing basically have been learning as I go. I may be totally wrong and they may not be bud spots at all. It was just a concern I had.

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  13. The plants are basically telling you that they're not getting enough air if the pads helped...
  14. hmmm good call. haha. well for the new year, ill be moveing across the country and have the ability to build an entire room from the ground up practically from scratch, that being said, i know there can never be too much light ( well there COULD be but you know what i mean not trying to fry the gals, haha ) anything... can there be too much ventilation/circulation/co2 being distributed?i know if we have too much oxygen we could develop oxygen toxicity, im wondering if there is a prime ratio>?

    .... or do i really just over think things like crazy?
  15. Plants are carbon based, like all life on earth. Most of a plants bulk is made from carbon, all of which has to be absorbed from the air. Fresh air is the one thing you can't give them to much of. Air has about 390ppm CO2, as that falls growth slows. When it drops to 200ppm it stops altogether.
    With powerful lights and high temps plants can use up to 1500ppm, but you'll get nowhere near that without a gas proof grow area and specialist equipment.
  16. thank you man, you have been most helpful!

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