8 day old monster kush first leaves turning yellow please help.

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  1. ok so in my last post i talked about this subject too but i very much would like to address this problem by itself. i have no idea if this is normal or not because this is my first time growing and wanted to solve this problem early. the top leafs look really good but the 2 very first leafs are starting to turn a yellow color. i would very much like to solve this mystery so if anyone has any advice please message me asap. thanks! o and i kno the plant looks way to stretched btw
  2. Dude the first picture has your name on it, edit it or something!
  3. hahaha hey tyler, could be nitrogen or just light not getting to those leaves. how far away are your lights?
  4. Meh I wouldn't worry to much about it. It's an extremely generic name.
  5. lol actually thats not even close to my name considering im a girl. for the last 2 days i have been keeping the fluorescent light tube about 3 inches away from the plant and i just noticed the leaves turning color. could the light change be affecting the color of the leaves i wonder.......
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    tyler was just on the gmail contacts... dur :)

    You need more light, and a bigger container. and add a fan.

    and those leaves normally fall off very quickly in the grow cycle. well after 2 weeks. Those are what popped the seed shell open

  7. lol yea i am aware it says that the name you saw belongs to the owner of the computer im just the borrower. i have a fan but what would u recommend i re pot it to and what type of soil should i use? also what would be the best lighting for this stage
  8. Exactly...tho i have seen (rarely) very large plants with them still attatched. :eek:

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