8/16 flowering ok.

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  1. 8 hours flowering (through out the budding period )with indicas
    Shortened flowering time by 2 week's
    But it eliminated any chance of a final stretch...resulting in 25%+ loss in yield.
    Sativas seem to thrive better But yield is still down .crystals are more visible
    A working method for a quicker smoke....
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  2. No

    Edit: if you are doing this, shame on you for ruining the plant because it doesn’t work that way.
    Have you ever grown before?
  4. I don't agree with your post either.....but if it works for you then great! That's all that matters.
  5. Should they not, in theory, take longer on less light because they aren't getting the juice to push on..
    Ahh or did the plants realise they weren't getting enough light so went faster to give them the best chance of reproduction?
    Interesting idea. First I've seen it mentioned.
    Ive done 12/12 autos a few times and although they never took any longer or less, the only thing that was effected was the yield. Quality was just as good so don't see why it shouldn't be for photos.
    Bit of an aggro response to the thread so far but some things do just work for some folk.
    I do lots of wierd shit that 90% of growers tell you must be lies cos my plants should be dead. Some folks just refuse to think outside the box.
    I like experimenting, if nothing else it makes things more interesting.
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  6. The 12hrs or more darkness is when/where the flowering hormones are collected...I think the latter. Plants normally completely finish at 8hrs(outside for those whom think I try n grow 8hrs on the whole growth period)
    They think winter is apon us and flower quicker without the final stretch..
    I'm talking 60%indicas ..I've tried this method outside experimenting(I wouldn't waste elec on short flowering time indoors as sonta agra bulbs wear and along with electricity. Expensive
  7. From what I understand, it's the duration of period of darkness that triggers flower production, not the hours of light. There's no reason why this shouldn't work, in fact I'd be more surprised if it didn't. Yield and/or potency will definitely take a hit. Come to think of it, I read a thread here or on Rollitup or some similar site about a guy who grew his weed on a 20 hour cycle, doing 8 hours of light followed by 12 hours of dark. He claimed it worked great, and it probably did.... but who wants to skew their schedule by 4 hours a day? I guess it would be doable with an automated system?

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  8. I know it seems odd .but
    I'm outside waiting for the autumn buds
    Having two blacked out sheds
    I manually put them to bed after there 8hrs .same time every day
    Thus i have an earlier crop .while waiting
    For sept/fall/Autumn which drags out a bit..Thanks for the interest

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