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8.1 ph

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by LetGo, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. so i started my bubblers 2 days ago? when i had the water/nutes in it, ph read 6.0 and today with hardly any water gone it is 8.1

    why is this? is it the bubbles causing the ph raise misleading the ph meter?
  2. Don't fret. Let it stabilize itself. That's how I fucked up my first dwc grow. I was adjusting ph daily, sometimes more then once a day. You'll come to learn that a small swing in ph is good, and after a spike, more times then not, it will fall again. What nutes you using? RO water? Distilled? Tap?

  3. r/o water tested at 0ppm when in the 2 5gallon buckets and the lucas formula.

    Using a 602gph airpump with 6" stones

    cfls until the plants get bigger, ones a clone others a seed.
    they are in very light nute mix now, i only did 5ml m/ 10ml b for the whole 3.5-4 gallons in the bucket not per gallon.
  4. That's a ton of air for 2 5 gallon buckets dude. Doubt that's a contributing factor, but none the less. Lol I wouldn't sweat it. Check again later in the day and if it hasn't started to drop yet, is try bumpin up the soup. Make it a little stronger. Continually moving ph up and down will be adding unnessesary shit to your Rez

  5. was going to eventually do 4 buckets.
  6. When you add the nutes the ph always goes up. Probably what happened was you took the ph read before the solution had time to stabilize. Bring it back down, I like 5.8. Bring it down in steps, meaning drop it from 8.1 to say 7 then to 5.8 or 6.1. Plants hate large ph swings.

  7. your crazy. when i add my nutes my ph dramatically goes down. and a swing is always good, thats how you tell if your plant is going to be a heavy feeder bro
  8. I don't know, I add my nuted and the ph always has to be adjusted down. Generally from mid 7's to where I like it 5.8 - 6.1. I am not sure what you mean by saying ph swing is good. Large ph swings can harm a plant, 8's like this post is about is bad news. The plants he has in solution of a ph of 8.1 is not absorbing enough or any of the food it need to live.
  9. I try and make my nute solution one day in advance so I know what the pH is really at. I do this in 5 gallon jugs. Make sure the jugs get 0 light though since that promotes algae growth and other things you don't want in your water.
  10. i use water at 7.0 ph 40ppm I add my nutes and I end up around 5.2 - 5.7 depending on the amount. if your ppms are going down and your ph goes up it generally means your plant is "eating" a large ph swing isn't so bad as long as it doesnt get too high or fluctuate too greatly. dont be afraid everytime something isnt text book bro. find out what happens and why it happens.

    i do agree though 8.1 is way high and is doing your plant no good. ideal is 5.4-6.1 thats when all nutes are asorbed. i think j is right though, give it a day and see if it comes back down.

    this is a post i found on 420mag's site

    "It's simple to find out if you are using too much food or not enough by watching the nutrient concentration levels in your tanks day to day. Don't be concerned with the exact reading, rather watch how it rises and falls from each day to the next. The differences between when you put the solution into the tank and the readings you get several hours later or the next day are what tell you if your plant is eating, drinking or happy.

    Start with 1.00 EC (or a SAFE nutrient strength). Next day, if it reads 1.4, it means your plants have been using water and your nutrient solution is becoming more concentrated. This means the concentration of nutrients is too high, so you dilute.

    If the meter reads lower than the previous day, 0.7 say, it tells you that the plants are eating nutrients faster than they are drinking water, so you should increase your nutrient strength. If it remains the same, your feeding schedule is on target for now. The nutrient/water intake fluctuates with the growth of the plant, so you must continually monitor it day to day.

    Your plants will tell you the optimum nutrient levels. When they are receiving optimum food and water, the readings remain constant. The more you do it, the easier it gets. The reason no one can tell you what PPM/EC levels to use is because every garden is different and every plant has different requirements due to their particular environment. That's why you have a ball park starting figure, but after that your plants will tell you almost exactly what they require. "
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    No disrespect my friend, but the ph measurement is only a number telling you how acidic or base your nute solution is. Weed absorbs it nutes best between 5.8 to 6.1. Your post from the other site is correct, but talks about ppm swings not ph swings. I try to maintain my ph at 5.8, I check it everyday and adjust it everyday. I have never had a problem.
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    do more reading, sir. Learn what ph and ppm mean not just what they read.
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    To my understanding pH between 5.8 and 6.8 is where plants absorb it's nutrients at its best. I remember seeing a chart that shows what nutrients it takes at what pH.So staying at 5.8 all the time I wouldn't call it "the best".

    Edit: the charts right there! ^^
  14. I will do that, always willing to learn. I am sure that the measurement of dissolved solids and the meaning are the same. How many parts per million is just that, a number. No other meaning is necessary. The same goes for ph. I will however do more investigation on this subject. Any links you have would help

    When i said 5.8 is the best, if you look at that chart you will see that a plant will absorb most of the needed nute it needs at this number not all but most.

  15. I understand how you think it's the best but sometimes a plant will absorb more of the other nutrients it needs at different pHs. You should let your pH swing from 5.8-6.8 then adjust the pH. My first grow I kept the pH at 5.8 the whole time and I believe it was part of the reason the yield wasn't as high as I would of liked.
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    you both hav to let 5.8 go. I do agree that 5.8 is ideal and I myself aim for a ph of 5.8 i do not mind if my ph is as low as a 5.4 - 5.6 but i dont see the sense in letting it drift passed 6.0 - 6.1 - with a swing that big i gurantee that my plants get all nutrients available and i also learn how the certain strain feeds. because as we all know not all strains are alike. some strains like low ph low ppms other high(er) ph and higher ppms

    just letting you know, ph fluctuates for a reason. ppm fluctuates because your plant is eating some of the nutes available, thats it's reason.

    to answer your question, no i dont have any links bro. just read everything and anything on ph ppm and topics related, dont only read about what they do, go further and find out why they do what they do and why its even important for a grower to pay attention to it. i remember all this shit from just browsing this forum and many other sites, some i will admit were worthless and some were pretty hard to read lol.

    there is one link that comes to mind though -

    edit: not claiming to be an expert or even close, just stating my opinion that you should know more about what things do or youll keep ending up with average results following along with the norm. don't be afraid to act like a mad scientist. after all its your grow, find out what works best for you.

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