7th week of flower... what is wrong?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by nizmo, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I dont understand this one.

    Over the last several weeks, this plant has been getting yellower and yellower and the leaf tips are all dead.

    The confusing part is that this is the only plant in our room that is showing these signs. It is one of 3 clones and they have all been fed on exactly the same schedule and strengths as all of the other 6 plants, and they all look fine.

    Im not too worried about it now, because theres only a week or so of flower to go before we pull them, but i'd like to know what's going on with it. PH runoff from the soil shows a figure of about roughly 6.4, i dont think its PH related.

    You can see pics of the healthier plants in my growlog.

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  2. Calcium def (dead tips)...... Nitrogen def....yellowing

    Calcium can get locked out @ 6.4ph.....possibly your a little lower ph than you think, do you have a chemical test kit for a backup, is the ph meter calibrated, its best to complete a soil runoff test on a plant in damp soil not dry.....dry soils dont allow enough water penetration to the root ball to get a true soil runoff reading
  3. hey Ganja, please check out my new thread in the avdanced section!

  4. you don't mention if the cuts are all from the same donor/mother. did you take the cuts? if you got them from someone else, you may have cuts from multiple mothers and diff. phenos. maybe that's the short flower pheno?
  5. good one growbot I just assumed they were all the same

  6. that just means you're smokin better pot than me!

  7. Nah the cuts were actually made by me and the mother is in the grow room at the moment

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