7th week flower first grow

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    could anybody please help me I'm no sure what the hell is going on with that plant it was a mystery seed what I just threw in with the rest it doesn't seem to be doing fuck all though all the other have big fat buds and then there this any idea why and or what strain it could possibly be?

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  2. Can you take a close up picture of the buds? And what exactly is happening that makes you think there is something wrong?

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  3. have uploadd more pics it's just that one that's the problem it hasn't budded at all I don't under stand why?
  4. anybody help please
  5. I had one plant that didn't seem right at all in Flowering. I ended up getting rid of it for fear of it becoming a hermie. I didnt want to risk losing my other plants. Since this is a mystery seed, it is quite possible it will hermie out. Since its 7th week of flower, even if it is one of the strains that takes upwards of 10-12 wks, the buds should be bigger. I wouldn't want to risk losing those monsters that are around it. I cant tell if i see any bananas poking out or not. If you choose to stick it out, keep a very close eye on it.

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  6. thanks for the reply Bro yeah I've done the same just threw it out wish I did a lot earlier on though as the 3 surrounding it haent grown as good as they cpuld of with that one taking up loads of room do you think my other pictures of the other plants look good and healthy though?

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