7th Week Flower Buds & Leaves Dying

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  1. Hello all,

    So we have been doing a light dep greenhouse for a couple years now, and havent had any significant issues that couldnt be explained, until late into this run. Specific plants in the greenhouse began to wilt and die, and the leaves took on a rusty color that turned crispy almost instantly after the effects were noticed. The tops of the buds starting turning very brown, and most of the fan leaves started falling off.

    It started two days after a heat wave came through, and we suspect it may just be that the plants overheated as they were not conditioned to this type of weather yet because they were vegged and flowered most of the way in moderate temps.

    However they were also fed a compost tea a few days before they started showing signs of this mass death. However what puzzles me is only certain pockets of plants are showing these effects. The compost tea had been used before without issue. The only thing i can think of is that it sat in the barrel for around 4 days, but was consistently fed more molasses and thoroughly aerated to keep it alive.

    Grown in soil, Northern california, 7 gal pots, all organic nutrients, soil, and amendments.
    IMG_20170619_181020.jpg IMG_20170619_181023.jpg IMG_20170619_181040.jpg IMG_20170619_182737.jpg IMG_20170619_182741.jpg

    Thanks for your opinions, thoughts and time

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    Sorry for your loss dude.

    (Sarcasm alert) That right there is those darn Chem trails at work!

    (Serious opinion) The last time I experienced this was in a Hydro grow. The outcome was PH fluctuations due to unstable nutrients and salt build up in the reservoir. Hope this helps you narrow the issue down (I know you're a soil grower).

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  3. I was worried that might be the case, because it looks like a nutrient type burn not heat stress, but i thought it might be a combination too. Thanks for your response.
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  4. I'm guessing this was something to do with the tea you gave them. I know that keeping bottles of Clonex sitting in a hot room for very long will throw the pH through the roof. If your barrel of tea also experienced the same heat as your plants did, it may have caused some fluctuations in it that did this to your plants. This is a total guess here, but the damage on the plants looks more like chemical burn than plain old heat stress. Gosh...so sorry. We grow soil inside but I've grown outdoor all my life and have never seen anything like that. Whatever it was, it did it fast. TWW

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