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7g MDMA + Vials of LSD

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FTG, Sep 8, 2009.

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    The bag with chunky stuff in it is 30% MDA 70% MDMA. 2 vials of LSD. Bag on the right is an old vial of pure fluff that I'm saving for a rainy day. Bag on left with foil is 1.66mg of benzodiazepine per cube. Middle bag just some dosed cubes. Synringe contains about 40mg of benzodiazepine liquid that you drop on tongue or a cube.

    Those are a few of the MDMA shards I can find that were pure all the way through and not an amber color. Gunna save that for another day.

    Anyways know need to post a bottle of pills or a big sack of weed cause I'm sure everyone in Pandora has one or the other :p
  2. envy is a ugly thing i try to keep outta my life, but goddamn. that made my mouth water.
  3. holy fuck.
  4. I got a stiffy just looking at all that shit...
  5. What benzo is it? I'm going to take a guess and say lorazepam or midazolam as they water soluble.
  6. damn dude i respect that stash so much.

  7. Phanazepam and it's by no means water soluble and even ever clear doesn't fully dissolve it without a hot water bath. It's really a pain in the ass to deal with.
  8. Mother of God. :)

  9. Damn. Most of the phenazepam I've seen comes on blotters or pure powder.
  10. wow man, you've got quite the collection there.
    i'm green with envy. :)
  11. Mmm mmm mmm, very nice. I've got a rock of MDMA like those right now, it's about 1.5g now and it's clear all the way through, my buddy crushed some up yesterday, and besides being hard as fuck to crush it made a beautiful white powder. And man oh man, how much acid is that? Like, is that vial 100 hits? I know they usually are but I always get blotter, so much easier to handle.
  12. Wow man very nice pick up, how much all that run you?
  13. Sweet baby jesus.
  14. hell of a collection man, I want those vials!!:D
  15. I want that acid.
  16. I want that syringe. Badly

  17. Nice my dude,check all my shit out if you want.Its all in my thread,not gonna be able to type for long I'm about to be nodding.
  18. very nice, im jealous of the vials for sure. What's up with the timestamps on those pictures saying year 2008?
  19. Holy Fuck:eek:
    now thats good times:smoking:

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