7ft tall plant,STILL VEGGING

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  2. [quote name='"dank509"']GREEN CRACK IS THE STRAIN.


    Damn that's a monster!!!!
  3. its not preflowering?
  4. Haha DAMN, That is something man, hope you can get it to fully bud and everything goes fine. I got a 6 footer man, CHEERS :bongin:
  5. Holy Shit, that my friend is a Tree!

    Really though, that thing is going to be taller then your house, how are you going to hide it?

    Whats the expectation, like 10 pounds of bud lol.
  6. that thing is a monster GOOD LUCK!!!!

  7. Kids, cannabis is a light hour sensitive plant. This is why indoor growers switch their lights to 12/12 to induce flowering. The days are still a bit long for flowering. We will reach 12/12 (the Autumnal equinox) on September 22.

    The "proper" amount of light for your particular plant to start setting buds depends on the strain, but most are budding by the time we hit the equinox. So pretty soon, hon!

  8. HAHAHAHAHA jesus man you're gonna need a ladder come harvest

  9. Na man he can just stand on the roof. Better invest in a chainsaw though.

    Beast of a Green Crack

    What type of soil? What type of feeding? Just curious.

  10. That thing is a monster!!:eek:
  11. 2 compost teas. All water. And yes she is gettin semi ridiculous. Shes fast at budding so it should be good,don't worry nothin some 2by4 steaks can't fix lol. Fun times.
  12. I like the corn tassle it's wearing as a disguise.
  13. That's a real Christmas tree!
  14. now thats gonna harvest huge!!! be on the look out pistils should be popping anyday now for u
  15. I have 5 like that and only two are starting to show flowers.

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  16. Yes sir that is beautiful. Towering the lady. Those are like at 8 ish feet it looks like
  17. lovely plant. Green Crack is a strain I wont use anymore. It keeps me up nights and makes me really paranoid over every little noise in the house. Not that I'm afraid of cops more like Ghosts lol
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    [quote name='"dank509"']Yes sir that is beautiful. Towering the lady. Those are like at 8 ish feet it looks like[/quote]

    I'm not sure, but it's as high as I can reach and I'm 5'9".
    I've been cutting the tops off every week to keep them from getting any bigger and help the rest of the plant fill out.
    This is all new for me so I don't know what to expect for yield.

    Didn't mean to hijack your thread.
  19. I grew Green Crack and what you will notice about her, is once she starts flowering there is very little stretch. Mine hardly grew at all in flower. And it flowers lightning fast. Should be starting to flower any time now and done be early October.
  20. Today's update.

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