75% RH with 5% error .......... please advice

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  1. dear friends

    i have a set indoor, with 1 jock horor in its 1st week of auto and other 7 plant ( jocks and widows) some of which are still vegging and some just 2 weeks
    i have made a seperation in the room for white and warm lights accordingly

    so the problem is my city has a temperature of 35 degrees celcius on average these days, and a humidity of around 75%

    obviously these are affecting my indoor enviornment alot , more or less the same in the grow room

    so i am a first time grower
    have stunted my plants and stressed them alot obviously being a first timmer

    i am trying to do as much as possible for the girls to be happy but nature is not helping
    although it is indoor its not a controlled environmentally.
    at the moment the exhaust system was lame, and since the girls are growing humidity and temps in the room are rising and fresh air is already screwed up

    so tomorrow i am installing an extracting fan in the grow room with a 10" fan with 35m3/min.
    a carbon filter will also be attached.

    air movement will definately increase and the more fresh air will be pulled in passively

    even though i think it might help, but still the fresh air itself is not favourable


    Secondly what i wanted to ask you guys the jock which is flowering , some of the tips of trichomes on the buds are turning brow. is it normal ?????????

    And lastly i am feeding my girls according to their age mentioned dosage on fox farm trio schedule

    i am giving them nothing else? Concerned about CalMag?

    And How important is flushing
  2. That's pretty hot, and it requires very high humidity to keep the plants from transpiring too heavily, and potentially causing nute/light burn. Here's the Vapor Pressure Deficit chart that claims to give optimal temp/RH combos:
    According to the chart, the minimum RH for 35 C is about 80%. I'm not sure our plants can tolerate such high temps for too long, but I'm no expert. Some gurus claim that 78 F is the best grow temp. Personally, I'd try to cool those plants to at least the mid 80s F, and keep the RH high. Unfounded bud rot worries keep most people from doing this.

    The exhaust fan will help control temp.

    The only other thing I'd use is CalMag.

    I believe flushing starves the plants at a crucial stage of development, and would never do it. Horticulture books scoff at flushing.
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  3. Your going to need a dehumidifier no way around it moving more air will help but the humidity will remain, I run ac this time of year it cools and also removes humidity, not as much as a dehumidifier but enough to keep it below 50% during flower..,
  4. @nobighurry

    Mate i agree. ..... I considered placing a dehumidifier in the room but than i thought how would it be efficient . i mean my room is constantly taking up fresh air. I think a dehumidifier would be effective if the indoor grow room is a closed system or the intake to the room is fed to the dehumidifier which releases the treated air into the grow room ( with no leaks of intakes from else where in the room) .

  5. @bkarnaze

    Yes i your absolutely right ..... I am observing some leaves turning blackish from tips ( was confused uptil now but kinda sure now it nutes burn) . i think ill start feeding my girls just once a week .
    My girls were deprived of ff nutes for few weeks as they were not available in the country and when i did get them i paid $120 for it. I started feeding accordingly to ff schedule .... Over feeding is always wrong for sure but since they were malnutritioned for some time i thought they need to pick up their growth so best would be to feed on ff schedule ... Is that wrong???

    Also since few days i changed my light cycles, as one jock is flowering i need darkness for 12 hours ..... 7 other plants in the same grow room are still in veg phase...
    I was afraid to put the room on 12/12 cycle as others are still vegging. But remarkably i noticed a very positive response by them..... Alot of new growth has begun on all the girls since the 12/12 .... I am afraid, are they being pushed to flower as i still want then to veg more.

    Note all the girls are autos from nirvana

  6. @bkarnaze

    Also mate the jock that's flowering, its been almost 10days since i saw them appear from the first time .. They havnt grow much since and some trichromes in few buds, there tips are browning :( :(

  7. Don't think you can play catch-up with nutes, and attempting it might cause over feeding.
    These are weeds, and just about any fertilizer that works for other plants will also work for weeds.
    If 12-12 helped, it was probably due to relieving stress from the lights and heat on already heat-stressed plants. In general, 12-12 for autos reduces yield from the reduced energy intake, compared to 20-4 or 24-0.
  8. @bkarnaze

    Mate i seriously appreciate your input ...... Thanks alot for all the advice.
    So i spoke to my local gardner today who helps me out a little with grow related issues .....
    He and i have determined that i also have a spider mite infestation ..... So i am gonna use a spinocide....
    He told me if my plants have flowered i should not spray it as it will ruin the buds..... But if i dont , spidermites will eat the plants sooner or later ....
    His solution to this is to prune the buds, and then continue with spray procedures.... According to him this will safe the plants life and also not ruin the new buds that will come later ... Infact he said prunning now will get me bigger and thicker buds. . . .....
    Is this true for autos ???
  9. @bkarnaze

    one more question, totally off from the subject

    how much secure in terms of privacy is it to talk and be active on these forums?
  10. My limited experience with autos is that they behave in almost every way like photoperiod strains. I wouldn't have a problem with pruning them. I have seen the same thing said on other forums devoted to autos.

    Don't know whether it's safe to talk about this, but most of us don't worry, but maybe we should.

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