75 For 40 Two Sweet Glasses.

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  1. Bernard and Vivian because I watched I Heart Huckabees for the thousandth time.

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  2. That bowl with the twist in it is awesome, always wanted a piece like that.
  3. Both of those pieces are awesome. Great find.
  4. nice one dude
  5. I had that twisted one, my friend got busted with it lol. I got it off here, http://store.superpiece.com/servlet/-strse-498/4%22-Fumed-Wavy-Pipe/Detail took a long ass time to get it but its relatively cheap. Ive seen it a few times at multiple gas stations for 20+, I think there's a factory in India thats been pumping these out
  6. Good pick up, If they had more color they would look so much better, Nice none the less.
    Gunna have to clean em often though haha.

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