$75 bucks for glass. What should i get?

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  1. In about 2 weeks im looking to spend up to 75 bucks on some sick glass. im not sure how much a nice sherlock would cost, but thats what i was hoping to get.


    Thats the quality im hoping to get, but like i said, im not sure what to expect on prices.

    If thats out of my reach, whats my other options?

    Thanks for your opinions guys.
  2. get what you think looks nice, thats the funnest thing about buying...
  3. Could i afford the quality glass in the link? Im not sure what i can get with 75 bucks.
  4. SJ has some nice head shops, you should be able to find a quality sherly or bub in that range
  5. Sorry no help but I really love those pipes man, NEED TO SAVE SOME MONEY. :hello:
  6. Why would you spend that much on a pipe man?
  7. Because i like glass. Not just for smoking, i enjoy looking at them aswell. To me its like art. 75 bucks isnt that much money.

    Yeah i can get a 1/4 for 75, but i would much rather get a new piece of glass.

    If i cant find a beastly sherlock for my budget ill prolly just buy an 8th and a decent spoon or something.
  8. you wouldnt be able to afford those you linked.
  9. yeah, no way youd be able to afford those man, $75 isnt much. but you should save up more money for a sherlock of that quality...the quality and the craftsmanship of the glass would be worth it.
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    Dude. Come to The Cave in San Mateo. Beautiful pipes and glass and they will do you right. But I don't know the prices on Sherlocks and can't check because I leave for Vegas tomorrow. You could call though and ask.

    Or take a trip up to Haight + Ashbury and haggle on the prices. You can find nice pieces at that one place, I can't remember what it's called, they even have handblown glass, but $75 isn't enough for handblown.
  11. What asdf12 said is exactly what I was thinking. The site says that those aren't even for sale anyways. Moving on. $75 is NOT enough for those sweet things. However, keep looking for a bubbler that just calls out to you.
  12. I can get some pretty sweet Bubblers at my local head shop for 70 bucks... They're not big or anything but they will def do the trick. Or they have cheap little one foot bongs for like 65
  13. ya those pipes are way out of your budget. i wouldnt be surprised if those sherlocks were somewhere between 2 and 3 bills, maybe even more. you can easily get a pipe for $75 but not of that quality. i suggest not looking on glasspipes trying to browse and find your next piece because everything on there is either custom or very expensive. i love glasspipes and have spent hours on there looking at people's work. good luck.
  14. yeah, those are some QUALITY sherlocks.. best bet is to check your local headshop for somthing more afordable, Or. save and grab one of those sexy sherlocks!
  15. mmk thanks for the responces everyone.

    Man arent those things fuckin sick? god damn if only i could get one haha.

    Ill check out my local headshops today. and whiskey, what kinda stuff do they have at that shop?
  16. It's friggen SICK. They typically have really nice glass, it's super small, great prices on a great vape ($99) and the owner really seriously will treat you right if he's there when you go in. Not only does he typically give discounts but it's important to him that you're 100% satisfied with what you get.

    They have some nice bongs too. Some things are a little pricey, others aren't, but it's my favorite head shop, I try to not go anywhere else. I can scope it out for you when I get back [so some time next week], I need to return my vaporizer whip anyway.
  17. That would be great, do they have a website or anything? How long of a drive from SJ is it do you think?
  18. i bought a bong at my local head shop for 60. it was priced at 70 though. its not like a name brand bong or anything but its about a foot tall and has an ice catcher and some cool designs. gets the job done. and for less than 75.
  19. Im not tryin to get a bong. I already have a few of those. IM looking to get the highest quality dry piece i can afford. Ima check out my local smoke shop today and see whats up.
  20. I'm a sucker for Sherlock's, so keep your eye out on those. Look for ones with pretty big carbs and pretty big mouthpieces, the big hitters :)

    For 75 bucks you should be able to find a pretty nice dry pipe for sure.

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