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730AM pick up of 11 gr of Jack Herer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kayakush, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. so i called my lady friend last night and she said she would meet me early in the morning to drop off 11grams of jack herer. i just got it and here are some shitty phone pics. it will be less when i get a real camera on it. not gonna say the price, even as a noob here i have seen i get this for that and all that nonsense. here is what i got....i smoked one bowl and 5 mins ago and can feel it kickin in...i love jack the person and the love


  2. Looks dank, enjoy. :cool:

  3. thanks mate, i am definitely enjoying the smoke....listening to bob marley live at santa barbara and am ready for the day.
  4. some pretty lookin buds man. always wanted to try that strain
  5. JH is fantastic if you like sativas. :cool:
  6. Early morning pickups are the best! Except when you run dry the day before...
  7. Looks good man. How much did you pay?

  8. hey there, re read the opening post....i m still medicated
  9. We read it, and are still interested in how much it costs. Youre kind of alienating the only people who truly care about you having dank buds at whatever price you choose to pay, because you preemptively stopped the "my buds better" dbags.

    But at what cost to your thread? Let me know how much it costs. Until then dank buds, have fun. Wish i could share the glory, but i guess as long as you didnt fork over 200 for 11g's you cant have done too bad for yourself.

    Btw, the entire point of this is to let you know that people wanna know what others pay. Itsa fact of life, just say the fucking price and where you live. For real i dont mean to hate its just that your disdain of people who flaunt their good deals essentially ruined your thread. Oh well, at least your high right? Post counts? Eh fuck it

  10. fuck it
  11. Lol sorry bout that
  12. I read the post but was just wondering because I think it's pointless to make a thread and not say what you paid. Are you ashamed or something lol.
  13. Nice man. I fucking love me some Jack.
  14. Thats some fuckin nice JH, enjoy your smokeup man.
  15. sweet, lady dealers are the best
  16. Its none of your business what OP paid, he is nice enough to contribute some dank pics and doesn't owe anyone (especially the 20 post noobs) an explanation for why he doesnt share prices.

    Op, I usually don't post prices either, even though I don't pay outrageous prices for my area. Just don't mention it next time, and ignore anyone that asks.
  17. heres a better picture


  18. All I'm saying is its cool to know what people pay in different areas. I really don't see the problem I'm not here to judge him I was just curious. Also I've been here since 08 been and been smoking way longer. Just cause I like to lurk when I'm blazed and don't sit here and post every day doesn't make me a noob.
  19. Nice nuggs man enjoy!:smoke:
  20. looks sick kaya, have yet to find JH in minnesota :(

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