720W LED Diesel Ryder Grow

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    Hello fellow cannabis lovers :wave:

    I'm starting this journal to document the growing of my medicinal cannabis crop of Diesel Ryder.
    I'm growing this for my wife (also a medicinal patient) and myself, but I haven't been able to grow for a few years.
    Now that I'm a medicinal patient out here in California, this is the time to get my thumbs green again.
    I've grown Skunk and Blueberry strains in the past, with varying degrees of success due to confined spaces, heat, and low budget.
    I chose this strain because it is quicker than most to grow from seed and supposedly potent for an auto-flowering dwarf.
    In the coming months I will find out the answers to both of these questions.

    My grow space consists of a 4'x4'x7' reflective mylar tent.
    Inside there are 4 180W Jumbo UFO's (spaced out about 7" from each other, best I could do.)
    Currently there are 14 Diesel Ryder seedlings soaking up the magenta rays.
    I have a 6" inline fan moving 424 cfm hooked up for exhaust ventilation, nothing currently for intake but that may change soon.
    Right now I'm running around 85 degrees steady, but I'm working on a way to lower it further.

    I have attached some pictures of things at Day 9, enjoy, and wish me luck.




  2. Best of luck with your grow. I've grown Diesel Ryders before and they turned out to be a very nice smoke - pretty strong :smoke:
    Half of mine grew just over a foot tall and the other half well over two feet. With your lighting set-up you should have no problems accommodating any uneven height.
    I'll be following with interest.
  3. Thank you for the well wishes broadside, I appreciate them.

    I just feed them their first meal of micro + grow nutes the other night.
    A weak dose so I can judge how they react without overfeeding and stressing them by accident.
    They seem to be fairing well so far and are into veg mode now for the next couple of weeks.
    Then the auto-flowering should start kicking in.
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    hey man nice set up. definitely subscribing.

    I’m looking into the possibilities of growing an auto flowering lowryder strain myself. I have considered many strains, the Diesel Ryder being one , an AK-47 type strain (like Lowryder #2 x AK-47), the Blue Himalyan strain, or an Auto Blueberry is what I have narrowed it down too. Anyway, just curious what soil and nutrients your using. since you said "their first meal of micro + grow nutes the other night". I looked into Fox Farm Ocean Forest but since the veg stage is so short with auto flowering strains will they need all the stuff in that soil? and then what (if any) flowering nutes are you planning on using?

    thanks in advance man. I'm fairly new to growing and very new to autoflowering lowryder strains.
  5. alright a fellow led'r i will check this one out cause i love the auto and led mix:wave::smoking:
  6. Thank you for the kind words about my set-up, I rather like it so far.
    I went with Diesel Ryder myself because Diesel is one of those strains that really hits the spot for me.
    So I wanted to see if this shortie version did the same.
    If so I can always keep a couple in my veg tent (not pictured yet, 2'x4'x5' with 360W of LED) and not have to change the lighting schedule in it when they flower.
    If it works, it'll be grand.

    As for nutes, that's where my budget got me.
    I'm stuck using left over Stealth Hydro nutes from a previous grow, that's why I'm being so careful to give them weak feedings.
    I'm fairly good at reading a plant growing in soil, so I think I can make this work.

    On a side note, I dropped 3 BC Purps & 3 of Sensi's Jack Herer seeds in some water tonight to soak.
    They will get put in the veg tent Friday night, if I'm lucky I'll get 1 good female of each strain to clone from.
    If not, hopefully 1 of the 6 seeds will turn out female (preferably the Jack Herer, which is my absolute favorite strain of cannabis).
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    Thank you very much, I'm hoping this lighting and strain combination works out well.
    If I get at least half an ounce from each female plant that flowers, I will consider it a success.
  8. yea i know what you mean as far as trying to grow on budget . it can be a big set up cost on the front side but it usually pays off in the end:smoke:. So...if the budget wouldn't have gotten you what nutes would you suggest for an auto flowering plant?

    also im going to have to look into that Jack Herer strain...when someone says it their absolute favorite its gotta be pretty good:D
  9. This is my first time growing an auto-flower strain so I can't really recommend any specific brand of nutes.
    I will say that if I had the chance to actually purchase some to use on this grow it would definitely be something organic.
  10. oh ok, well thanks anyway. +rep for the response and cause i like your set up. i'll definately keep following your grow.
  11. i like it, i cant wait to see results, i plan on starting a LED setup this coming up month, i am researching now.

  12. Thank you for the compliment.

    Doing lots of research should pay off for you, take your time and read as much as possible is my advice.
    Good luck when you do get growing :)
  13. Hey!!!! I am on board!!!

    can't wait to watch!!
  14. I'll be watching this. I got 9 Diesel Ryder's I just started the other day. Their under CFLs right now, not sure if i'm going to put them outdoors or toss them under my 400 watt HPS. actually i'll probably put a few out and keep a few in.

    good luck dude
  15. Glad to have you aboard.
    I hope it turns out to be something worth watching.
  16. I think you picked the best way to go with some indoors and some out.
    It protects you in case pests or disease should strike one crop or the other (heaven forbid).
    It may also yield you some nice variations in flavor, smell, and potency between the two crops of the same strain, which is pretty cool in my eyes.
    Good luck to you too sir, and thank you.
  17. Fellow LED club member! I 'm in and pulling up a chair. I love my jumbo, even if it's a single unit. I'm jeaolous bro! Good luck with it. .V.
  18. I'm glad you like your 180Wer too, and don't be jealous because I have 6 of them.
    If you had the funds you'd probably do the same thing.

    I should have another picture update later today or tomorrow.
    Plants are doing okay, about half have developed some nute burn, not bad but its there.
    Doing some extra flushing to correct this problem.
    Otherwise the plants are starting to take off into their veg phase, which should give way to the beginning of the flowering cycle in about 2 weeks.

    On a side note, the 3 Purps and 3 Jack Herer seeds I mentioned before were planted in my smaller veg tent last night in 2 gallon containers. If things go well, their cuttings will be the successors to this crop.
  19. Flushing my plants seems to have helped with the nute burn, so no more water for awhile.
    As I don't want to go the other extreme and end up over watering them in response.

    Here is a pic of one of my biggest

    This one decided to skip growing a stem altogether, qualifying as my shortest

    On a side note, so far 2 of the 3 Purps and none of the Jack Herer I planted have sprouted.
    Come on Jacks, I'm still pulling for you.
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    Just a quick update:

    After bemoaning the fact that none of my Jack Herer seeds had sprouted yet, I awoke today to a welcomed surprise. 2 of the 3 Jack's had sprouted overnight, and also the 3rd and final of my Purps popped through too.
    So I'm now 3/3 on Purps and 2/3 on Jack, and if the last Jack decides to break on through I can declare Yahtzee :hello:

    These will be the successors crops to the Diesel Ryder.

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