72 hours dark before harvest???

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  1. Have been advised to do give my girls 72 hours dark before harvest, which I'm gonna do. But when? Details - 1st grow, Skunk No1 x sleetstack reg, 3 females, 7 weeks 12/12 light routine, CFL red spectrum in Canna Terra mix with 30% Coir.. Think ive covered the lot!! Had a bit of trouble with Nutrient Burn etc on occasion but since I'm learning I guess it's all part of the curve! And hopefully grow 2 will improve, but I'm counting my chickens...
    I'll put a couple of pics up but I reckon I'm hours away from starting the harvest. I've read to harvest when the white pistules have turned red/brown at 50 - 70%. Mine are about 50% at the bottom but at the top and main cola is white! I've noticed one or two brown ones on one plant so it's not long now, I really want to get things right now, don't wanna f*ck things up now! Any tips?!? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. PS, pH has been a steady 7.2 but bringing it to 6.8 for flush. Dunno why pics are side on but top one is of Top Cola, Middle one is a Bud at bottom of same plant, bottom one is another top. Comments welcome.

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  3. Looking good man those are some sweet buds. The top buds look really white. I would wait another week or so. That being said pistils are not always the best way to tell if your plant is matured.
    You need to look at the trichomes on the buds themselves with some kind of magnifying glass. I bought mine at radio shack for like 15 bucks, it has a few different resolutions and a light on the end.
    There's a few different times to harvest and won't go into that just check out some of the pinned postes.
    Good luck man let us know how they turn out!
  4. Nice looking nugs, especially for your first grow. But IMHO, I think you've got at least a week or two left before you should harvest those. And like GreenMan said ^ ...maybe get a 30-60x magnifying glass or scope and look at the heads of the trichomes. You want to see an 'amber' colored hue to atleast 25-30% of them... and the rest should be kind of milky or clear. Harvesting at the proper time is important to a good final product. Also drying/curing is just as important, IMO. Make sure if you put them in 72 hours of darkness before harvest, that you leave some type of exhaust system running or fans.... you don't want your humidity to rise above 65-70% while they're waiting in the dark... you'll get mold and/or mildew. Good luck with everything bud... hope it comes out killer.  -nugs 
  5. Thanks guys, yeah definitely do Not wanna f*ck this up now! Far better at this stage than I ever expected when I planted those 1st 5 seeds (free with my order). I really expected to have lost them by now but it's thanks to forums like this that ive been able to learn by other people's mistakes rather than my own! I've just acquired a couple of magnifying glass items, one's really good. Now I've a better idea of what to look for. Cheers guys, I'll keep you posted. Off to look! ;-)

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  6. Your plants are several weeks away from harvest.  There is no need to waste 72 hours in the dark, grow the plants until they are ripe, then harvest at first light to preserve the terpenes produced in the night cycle.
  7. Harvested last week! F*ckin great smoke! Might've been slightly impatient trichomes 40-ish% but phenomenally smoke-able! Great shut eye, mind numb journey type stone, massively impressive for 1st grow, long may it continue for future fruitfulness! ;-)

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