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  1. Hello guys, I am growing (2) unknown bag seed with a 70 watt hps in a small cabinet i built.. this is 12/12 from seed.. they cracked 10/20/11 i will get some pictures soon, but they aren't showing sex yet so its not too exciting.. (fingers crossed for females!)

    If this grow goes decent i will probs pick up a 400w hps for next grow
  2. i didn't know 70 watt hps's even existed.

    you better get some more light in the coming weeks, not nearly enough lumens for the stem to strengthen up.
  3. I've seen a few 70w hps grows do pretty well, for this one it will be scrog style, like i said i will go bigger next grow, this is just what i have for the set up right now.
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    :rolleyes:lights not on for another 8 hours:p At first i was going to wait for signs of sex before i posted pics, would you guys rather have them sooner?

    I also forgot to mention this is my first indoor grow, CC is welcome.
  5. can you rephrase your question?

    that link is viable though HTGSupply is a great company
  6. yeah, I've heard alot about them, basically I'm just wondering besides what is in the link i posted ,what would i need to make a working 250w hps
  7. all you need is the ballast and the bulb.

    reflector and mylar, hangars whatever, all that shit is optional, but reaaaally handy and worth it in the long run.

    what's your budget? i'd get a complete set, because they're pretty cheap compared to other sites / stores.
  8. eh nvm i guess u dont understand what i mean, still no sign of sex lol... needs to hurry up i feel like its been forever
  9. Hey man lets see pics whenever you get the chance. This grow sounds really interesting. :)
  10. Pics on mondayish , have some guests at the house so the cab is in Stealth-mode :D
  11. Just thought I'd let you guys know, I added the screen today I will be posting pics tonight. stay high-frostyy

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