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  1. hi would a 70w hps be strong enough for 2 plants hope someone can help thanks
  2. while a 70 w hps might put out 7,000 lumens, it will be nowhere near enough for 2 plants. maybe that and like 8 cfl's would work real nice. but you could just do things way cheaper with all cfl's
  3. what are cfls sory if i sound a bit dumb
  4. Ya just the 70w HPS is not gonna be good enough, you could supplement the light with CFLs but..
    8x 23W CFLs by themselves would be enough for 3 plants even without an HPS
    8x 42W could probably be good for 4 or 5
  5. Compact Flourescent lamps - Kamel's CFL Guide
  6. so if i went with cfl,s could i do the whole grow veg and flowering and would it be cheaper on electric bills thanks
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    I'd recommended using CFL for the whole grow if it's going to be under 300watts. Check out the thread in my signature where I compare specs on a wide range of HPS and CFL...

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