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  1. Always been an outdoor growing but have recently moved to indoor. Curious of how a 70w hps security light would do in a 2'x5' area.
    What kind of yield would I expect and how many plants could this light support.


    This is the type of light I'm talking about.

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  2. 2x5' is such an awkward shape. Each lamp will usually cover an even area of the same width in either direction. A 70w would struggle to light up a 2x2 area enough for decent growth
  3. Should I split the room in half so that it makes two 2'x2.5' areas. I suppose if I did that I could use one for veg and the other for flower.

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    Now that sounds like a plan. I would have 2x3 flower and a 2x2 veg . What height do you have? 
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    Even for a 2x2 that 70w is going to struggle.  If I were growing in a 2x2 or 2x3 I would use a 400w Mh/HPS.
    Or better yet look into LED for small space grows.  Initial cost is slightly higher.  Lower enviro impact(no mercury and lower power consumption), less heat, exponentially longer bulb life.
  6. A 400w HPS is a good size for a 3x2' if you have the height for it. I would probably just go for a small 125w CFL for the veg area 
  7. I've got about 10 foot of height was gonna top and do some lst. For now I've only got one plant going under 150 watts of cfl. Just looking for a cheap alternative that could flower 1 or 2 plants to their full yield.

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    you want min 2000 lumens per sq ft, 70w hps is 6000 lumens.
  9. I've already scrapped this idea and went ahead and bought a 400w mh/hps setup thank you for the input tho.

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