70w - 150w HPS?

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  1. I have recently found a 70w hps light with the fixture and i guess the ballast is inclouded since its an outdoor light that's plug and play. How good will this be to bud??? I would go out and get a 400w HPS if i had the room 4 it, but that's not happening. Has anybody ever used lower wattage HPS lights with succes???
    The same question about the 150w hps???
    Maybe if the possitioning was better???

    room is 2'x2' and i have about 5' to work with going up
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    Look into cfl's, with that space I'm sure they will be your best bet. With that wattage I believe you can get more lumen's to your plants with cfl's also.(and this thread is really in the wrong place)
  3. Also this is the exact same post as his thread above with different title! You must have known you were double posting, read the rules please.
  4. I think you can pull off the 150w hps if you would like. My flower tent is only 8 inches larger in width and depth. So my dimensions are 2'8"x2'8"x5'3" and I am using a 400watt HPS with out any problems. The big key is ventilation and removing the heat completly out of the grow area. For example I use a 6" vortex inline duct fan that runs in a chain like this carbon filter>cool tube>fan> exit. My exit then leaves the grow area and goes up into my wall, which vents the heat to my attic. This will keep your incoming air temps stable as you are not heating up the room that the grow box is located in. My veg cab is about 32"x16"x apox 40" and I use a 150w hps in there with out any problems. The temperatures in there are about 72f which is 2 degrees higher then incoming air. Remember you need good ventilation with all grows espeicaly when dealing with high heat bulbs like mh/hps. Good luck
  5. thanks for the useful help. I was considering the 400w upgrade since the hydro store that i go to carries those. but how much air does a fan need to move in order to keep that room cool? i read it's a 6' vortex that u have; but any idea if there are smaller versions of theese that are just as powerful when moving air. knowing this just out of curiosity. How many plants are you growing in the tent? I have a combination of plants in there. but i would like to do 4 steady alll the time.
  6. Well I may of possibly went with less ventilation, but I figured if I had to much I could always dial it in with a speed controller. My 6" vortex moves 452 CFM but like I said I pull the whole tent with my one fan. I have 6 plants in there also all in 3 gallon grow bags.
    Here is some useful places you can look at for some equipment

    I have used all of those places with much satisfaction and will use them again. Anymore questions just let me know
  7. i read that some other guy had a similar enclosure as what I'm working with and he claims to harvest 8-12 oz from 4 plants in the same enclosure as mine. How much do u think it's reasonable for this enclosure with 4-6 plants?
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    Well that depends on a lot, like lighting, container size, strain selection. If you did about 4 indicas in 3 gallon containers possibly. You could do some sativa's to but damn do they grow tall I have a sativa that is currently about 4'10" and has not stopped its pre flowering stretch.
    Here is what I would probally do if I where working with your space(dont hate me if you have any problems thought, i always have kinks to work out when building something new)
    Your current eclosure of 2'x2'x5'
    250 w MH/HPS digital light
    Sunleaves 4" 200 CFM Inline fan(www.wormsway.com)
    Carbon Filter

    Obviously you need 2 bulbs if you wanna do Metal Halide for veg and High Pressure Sodium for flowering, but if I only had one container thats the way Id rock it. There are a lot cheaper versions of grow lights you can use both bulbs with, but I really recomend a digital ballast after working with a 150w Magnetic and a 400w magnetic. I feel my digital ballast is much much more nice then any of my others and seems brighter, quieter, and to run cooler. You know I dont know if its possible but if you could get some more space, itd be really nice to invest into a slightly larger tent so you could use more light and have your targeted plants of 6. Like I said before my area is 2'8"x2'8"x5'3" and I fit 6 plants no problem. Anything else you need to know, just let me know but remember to save some money after purchasing your supplies for others thing you need like soil,ph meters, TDS meters(more advanced stuff) and thermometers. Good luck

    Edit: Forgot to mention if you have roughly about $600 to waist on equipment www.htgsupply.com has some kits that eliminate a lot of troubles of picking out equipment that contain everything I listed above except for the "other things".

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