70s style smokeout!

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  1. I've only had one of the old strains, Acapulco Gold. My uncle said he used to smoke Panama Red all the time and the strains back then beat the crap out of some of the strains now. Acapulco Gold is one of my favorites, I wish it was still around.

  2. This is directed toward you and OP.

    What kind of old strains are still around? I'd love to try them.:D
  3. hey OP just curious, what does such a smoking veteran as yourself smoke out of as your everyday driver?
  4. I have read a few posts on the net of others keeping these strains alive, they were sativa dominate, grew huge, and took longer to flower therefore were outside strains. I wish I had some of them now! Hope the other poster can help you.
  5. Vapir no2 vaporizor (better for lungs & more buzzes per buck).
    Homemade brass pocket pipe (When short for time & convenient).
    Small glass pipe (taste).
    Joint (edible evidence).

    I try to vape thru week & pipe on weekends.
  6. Snow crystals give a prism effect with the right lighting. It could have been enhanced with the marijuana.
  7. It's really, really, really, really fucking hard to find some old school strains that haven't been hybridized or bred out yet. I was lucky enough to run into Acapulco Gold because my friend's dad had some seeds that he saved from the 70s. His crop finished growing and he invited us to smoke and he gave us both a free quarter. The rest of the plants were for him and his work buddies.

    It was some good shit, realllll heady probably one of the best Sativas that I've ever smoked.

    Some variants of Alaskan Thunderfuck and Trainwreck are mixed from classic strains. Though, if you pick up from the street you never know if it is.
  8. [quote name='"vespathug"']You don't sound 40 years old.[/quote]

    Leave it to this guy to be a douche. I only 21 but all my smoking buddies are "oldheads". I cant trust anyone these days. I go to my buddies house with a quarter and gotta take a shit I know my bag will weigh the same when I get out if the bathroom.

    Older people know what respect is. This generation is only loyal to themselves. I love toking and hearing people reminisce, to the days when a ziplock bag costs 20 bucks, when the cops pulled you over for drinking to much they drove you home. You could leave your doors unlocked, you could smack your kid.......

    What happened?

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