70's rock I should Hear.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Ganjaman7847, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. I'm going to put together some 70's rock mixes. I need to know some 70 rock n roll like kiss, ac/dc, blue oyster cult, lynerd skynerd, stuff like that.
  2. I've got them. Cream was such a great band, Wish they would do another album. Rock today sounds so shity. I've got a steve millers band album on vinal.Keep the rock a flowing.
  3. Edgar Winter Group is always good.
  4. dam obliviot thats kickass. can you still buy vinal records? mack dowg I think I have heard of the edgar winter group. Did they do the song frankenstine.
  5. That kick ass. Man I would love to see a picture of your stereo. I've got to get me a load of vinal. Ive got about forty albums on vinal that used to be my dads. Alot of stixx, acdc, james gials band, and a load of other stuff.
  6. Frankenstein is alice cooper isn't it? Most popular edgar winter song is probably freeride.

  7. Yea, i know what your talking about now. I was just watching Wayne's World not too long ago. that is a hell of a tune.
  8. Alice cooper. Probly the best shock rocker there ever was. I like his song who i am-clones (we're all)-schools out for summer anthem for all the childeren around the world.
  9. Stevie Ray Vaughan.....
  10. let me name a few i like

    RUSH - oh yeah 2021

    Led Zep

    the who


    Deep Purple

    The Doobie Brothers


    Elton John

    Eric Clapton

    Fleetwood Mac

    Pink Floyd

    Jethro Tull


    Guess Who

    just to name a few
  11. Dobie gray's version of driftaway was awesome...
    and of course the Allman Brothers band.....
    gotta stick some CCR in there too...
    Deep Purple...Fleetwood Mac....Clapton...Foghat....lol i could go on and on and on and...:smoking:
  12. Allman Brothers!!

    midnight rider:)
  13. zone dude good music. Know them all. Great bands.SiN-Drome. love almost all the bands you listed. not big on elton john. Jefferson airplane/jefferson starship. You got to love their songs. Steppin wolf came out with some great hits!
    Luvdabuddah love ccr. John fogerty, sued for sounding to much like......john fogerty

  14. having fun with dominatrixes? :eek:

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