70hps doing funny things to my leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. So ive searched and asked and it seems as long as a plant can take the heat, its best to be as close as possible to the light (of any kind) ? Right?

    Well I have a plant a good 3-4" from a little 70w hps, not much heat at all. And the leaves look really really dark and sort of wilted looking?

    Does this seem like im too close? I don't want to move the plant if I don't need to. Maybe i could just put the little clear plastic deflector thing over the security bulb?
  2. Pic one. The plant was two weeks into flowering when I brought it in. Its reverting back to veg, notice the funny leaves

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  3. pic two. The new leaves are the ones that would of been along with the buds. Strange how they look like the first two leaves when a seed sprouts.

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  4. from the glow you can sort of see how close the light is
  5. Okay, im gonna scooter it away some and give it a shot. Must be why she is soooooo green too. She is swamped with light

  6. my 110wHPS is 2 inch away from mine, the rooms cool but not vented, no fan cus thats under my 400 and i aint got round to getting another 1 yet. i came home 2day to find 1 of the WR right under it had grown into the light (fan leaves inside the china hat but not touching the lamp) apart from the fact it was blocking the light from the other plants i wud of left it longer cus it was loving it.

    im guessing ur probs r more to do with it missing the sunlight than anything else. 70w is preaty weak compared to the sun, even on an overcast day.
  7. Well my problem is not lack of water. My soil is just nice. Moist, but dry to touch up top. I was even misting the leaves a bit and it didn't seem to help.

    Ive since moved the plant away from the light a good foot and a half. Im going to see what happens. It might start to stretch, but thats okay, I want it for clones anyhow.

    If it gets better, then I know I solved the problem. If it keeps doing as it was, I know I need to try something else.

  8. my WR is very indica lookin, i know wot ur sayin tho. i wudnt tell any1 to let a plant grow into a hps but the point i was trying to make was these small lights r weak.

    if ur pot will hold 2ltr in the soil then ur puttin 1ltr in the next day it dont sound right, if ur plants starting to wilt then the soil shud b dry right?? so it shud b able to take 2ltr not just 1. id have to know more about ur grow to guess wots wrong but something does sound rong. how long has it been in that pot? how bigs the pot and how bigs the plant? if u can let the pot dryout till it can take 2ltr and give it 2ltr. that half arsed watering wont do the roots anygood, that might b y there wilting.
    i wasnt really with it the other knt when i posted or i wud of thought of this then. i think DevilReds problem might b roots.

    it does look like a water problem dont it, well if its bin in the sun b4 it was under the 70w it wud of bin using a lot more water than it cud use now, plus the sun wud of been drying the pot out aswell. if DR is still watering it like its in the sun its gonna b over waterd. that wud give the wilting probs. it does mean that the plant wud have to of been indoors about 1 to 2 weeks from when the prob started. how long was it indoors b4 this started to happen DevilRed??

    just a thought but wot the hell do i knw lol.
  9. wot have u mixed the soil with? any perlite or vermiculite?

    a little tip 4 watering if u dont know (if u do then soz 4 telin u something u knw) dont water a dry plant. just give it enough water to get the soil damp, let it soak in 4 an hour then water it. the damp soil will soak up the water a lot better than dry soil.

    if u notice the ground after a dry spell and its gone hard then it rains the water runs off rather than soaks in. the same thing happens in ur pot. the water rushes through the soil and not that much soaks in. that might b y ur having to water again the next day.
  10. i know the things u mean. there good if ur gonna b leaving ur plant 4 a week or something but they wont do u any favours in the long run.

    cus they r so good at holding water ur pot wont dry out 4 ages. mj needs to b let go dry now and then, its good 4 the roots. just get some vermiculite.

    1 part perlite
    1 past vermiculite
    2 parts soil

    your roots will love u 4 it.
  11. thast what re-veging plants look lik. The single bladed bud leaves grow out and look likt that. Its perfectly normal. Ive seen a reveging cloning experiemnt on overgrow and it looked exactly like that.

    Keep the lights about 3-6" above it. A 70w hps isnt hot at all and the only way you can burn it is if it touches the light. it only puts out 5600 lumens and most big grows put out much more then that per square foot without burning. the only problem is if oyur too close the light is concentrated too much directly below the bulb and the outer parts of the plant dont get any light.

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