700 investment. First Grow/Setup. Please share your thoughts

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    Woot, so... for so long I've been posting in this website asking questions, unsure about what to buy, and which grow method to use, after a LOT of thinking, a LOT of hours just staring at the websites unsure from which one to buy, price wise, professionality and delivery wise. (Had to watch out from the scammers out there) I finally made it. I found a local shop that is about 1-2 hours away from me with comfortable next day shipping option for 20$. And today I finally did it! This entire kit comes up to 469€ (697$ CAD)
    Please feel free to share if you think there's something ESSENTIAL and missing?
    \n2x Easy Rollers yo-yo support
    1x Analog Timer
    1x Tubular Extractor 150mm 305m3 / h
    1x Tubular Extractor 125mm 190m3 / h
    1x Anti-Noise Tube 152mm
    1x Anti-Noise Tube 127mm
    1x Bio-Grow Fertilizer 
    1x Digital Thermohygrometer
    1x Standing-Fan 125
    \n1x Clips-Fan
    \n5x Square-Pots (11L)
    5x Square-Pots (600ml)
    5x Plates for (11L) pots
    1x BioBizz All-Mix 50L
    (Consists of 20% "sphagnum peat moss", 35% "peat garden," 10% earthworm castings of high quality, 30% perlite and 5% Pre-Mix. EC = 2.4 PH = 6.6 Saca of 50 liters)
    1x Dark Street 150 II (150x150x200) Grow Tent
    1x Agrolite 600W HPS bulb

    1x Smooth Reflector
    \n1x ETI 600W (Magnetic) Ballast
    For the flowering period, I'm planning to purchase a 1000w HPS kit, but I might even combine both lights generating 1600w flowering tent.
  2. Looks good man! What do you plan on using for flowering nutrients? I looked up that box it looks really nice, although I dont know if both lights will work out as far as heat in that box. Only one way to find out though. If you go about your first grow with as much care and attention to detail as you have into this setup, I think you will do more than fine.
    Also what strain are you planning on growing? And any thoughts on starting a grow journal?
  3. Grow journal will be published as soon as these beautiful 5 Barny's farm 24% thc 2% cbd LSD seeds will germinate. Pure indica, which isn't really my favorite since I like to get high and jump around talking to myself and laughing while I run around my house lol. But couch lock quality pot will do the job aswell. Seeds only were nearly 75 bucks. Fertilizer; I'm thinking about using BioBizz's. For now (since I really raped my bank account) I've got the vegetative fertilizer, but next paycheck I'm buying enough fertilizers for flowering, blooming, and rooting (I will try to clone and see how it goes.)
    Because I paid 75 bucks (incl. shipping) for my seeds i think i got  like 2 free seeds, which are also pretty sweet. El Alquimista AutoDelicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose

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