70 watt hps??

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  1. I heard somewhere of this lamp, my growing space is limited and enclosed, heat is a prob. with big lamps. Has anyone used this lamp before? Amount of heat created? Light? Growing? anything else Ishould know about? oh yeah how loud is the ballast? how hot does it get?anything else I should know about the ballast?

    I know this is alot of quest. thanks in advance for responding!
  2. I'll guess you are referring to the security fixtures available at many home centers.

    These fixtures can be ideal for the grower with limited space and heat/ventilation restrictions(small closets/boxes). Most come ready-wired for 120v,,making them easy to attach power cord for supply,as well as easily modified for the growing applications.These ballasts are quiet operating,and long life.

    6300 average lumens,,about 90 lumens per watt,,,color temp about <2100kelvin,, 24000hrs average bulb life,,, Sylvania LU70 Lumalux bulb exampled,,.

    Hope this helped....good luck

  3. thanks alot your info helped alot
  4. does anybody have any expirence with these? Or any mor useful info?

  5. YES,,and,what other info are you looking for?

  6. I dont know just anything else that might help. BTW NdicaBud I really appriciate your info!!
  7. Ndica is the light guy here, Nobody knows that stuff better than him at this site.
  8. You lot should write a book. U'd make enuf money to suppourt all your MJ wishes for life

  9. Who would buy a book from us when you can get it all for free just by asking questions. LOL
  10. I was at the hardware store like 20 min ago (I still smell like it) and there was a 35 watt hps lamp would this work? Same price, shorter life, but lower opp. costs. is it worth it? If not I'll check in on the 50 watt and if I dont like that I'll go with the 70 w.

    Thanks for your replies sofar.
  11. I hope you don't plan on growing more than one plant with some low-watt bulbs.
  12. At most 4 plant veg. And one 1 flow.
  13. That'll be alot better than what I'm using now: 15 watt flourecent
  14. Never skimp on light If you wish to grow indoors and have great buds to smoke,,you must invest in lighting..it is so worth it..as well as necessary.

    70w is really the absolute smallest HPS to use,,it can grow effectively in 2-3sq.ft(or 1-2 small plants). Adding a Flourex or Flourescent or CF in conjuntion,,will greatly improve available light/color,,as well as the possibility of increasing the growspace. When choosing lighting for cannabis,,always remember 35-50w per sq.ft.,,and you wont go wrong....

  15. a 70 watt HPS lamp uses just that 70 watts right so the same energu efficency as a 70 incadesent lamp?

  16. Not exactly...more light,,and much more efficient than incandescent lamps.at the same 70w.

  17. Sorry I should have worded that better but you answered it I was asking if it used the same amount of power (with an oviously better output)
  18. The indoorsun company sells 40 watt HPS lights for around $150, best deal on the net for lights. They may not be pretty and you may have to rig something to hold it, but they are deopendable, quiet, and very well priced. I wish I had the link but do a search an you can find them.
  19. Found some info that might help. had to scan two separate images, so they are on two different posts

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  20. Here is the second page, these are taken directly from the book.

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