70% of Americans favor repeal of DADT

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tongues, May 27, 2010.

  1. I feel like this is about as broad of a consensus we can get these days with even the majority of weekly churchgoers in favor too. Will Obama and Congress follow the will of the American people, or once again shaft the very people who got them elected?

    In U.S., Broad, Steady Support for Openly Gay Service Members
  2. why do gay people want me to know that they're gay
  3. Wrong thread.
  4. We should repeal "Don't Tell"... that is to say, we shouldn't kick people out for being gay. But what's wrong with "Don't Ask?" What business is it of yours if someone's gay?

    Semi-related questions: Does anyone think we should put an end to seperate barracks for men and women? Should we have seperate barracks for gays? What's the difference?
  5. I don't think most people are against gays in the military. What I think rubs people the wrong way is the idea sexuality should be an issue in the military. They don't want people wearing their sexuality on their sleeve, like is so popular in civilian society. Sexuality is not the focus of the military.
  6. I tried looking up what was done in other countries that stopped banning gays from the military, but all the articles are rather long so it might take some time for me to determine exactly what they did in regards to barracks. Although, if someone can't handle someone of another orientation simply existing alongside them then they don't seem to be cut out for the military.

    I can agree with this, but if sexuality in general is the issue then DADT should not only apply to gays.
  7. I'd agree with that...

    But that's why I brought up the questions about the barracks. The military doesn't seem to think people can handle living in close quarters with members of the opposite sex and nobody seems to object to this much. So, I was wondering if this same line of thinking should apply to gays.
  8. If gays really want to risk their lives fighting (openly) in senseless wars that won't end for another decade... I say let 'em.

  9. When you're straight, you talk to your buddies about sexuality all the time. Even when it's not about intercourse. If you talk to your friends about your family ("My wife and kids are going to Vermont for the weekend"), you're already implying sexuality.

    Sexuality may not be the focus of the military, but it's an important part of humanity. The reason we fight wars is for love ones. Soldiers usually read letters from loved ones. They keep pictures of those they love. When you're in the front of a battle, I doubt that what you really want to do is call your boyfriend "Michelle" instead of "Mike" just so other people won't get offended or scared by your sexuality. If you're willing to die for the people you love, while implicitly defending the rights of the nation you represent, the least you should be able to do is declare who you're fighting for.

    I don't think they care if you know they're gay. I think that if they have friends, however, in the military they would want their friends to know that they're gay. Just like your friends probably know that you're straight. Am I wrong? Or are your friends unsure of you sexuality? How do they know you're straight? Why would you want them to know you're straight?

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