70-knot winds messed up my girls!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Fox, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. I arrived home today after a wild storm hit the area, worried about my girls who are in large pots left outside most of the time. They're tied down with about 12 or so good colas each.

    When I saw them I nearly cried! They're well into flowering now and the branches had all flopped over, waterlogged and abused - it could have done for a hanging plant!

    I've tied and staked the best I can, is it likely there has been any permanent damage? I hate to think of all the trichomes that got knocked off by wind, rain and hail.

    Anyway, just had to share the pain ... but hopefully only temporarily!
  2. oh damn man, hope they recover fine!

    have you got yours tied down horizontally so they grow several colas each?

    could you explain how to do this cos i wanna do it with mine when they get a bit older :)

    pro's and con's everyone ?
  3. sorry to hear the shitty news.... maby youll fell better after i tell ya that i just decided that i got screwed outa a hundred n seventy dolllars from seeds direct.. they said they sent em on the 20th of october but i aint got shit yet.. at least u still got something to work with.. and theyrs always time fer growen kind

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