70 in a 30.. im a lucky bastard

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    so yesterday im coming home from work and im going through my neighborhood on the main road, there is no one on this road, im flyin home cause i gotta take a duece so im going about 70 and all of the sudden a cop pulls out and im like OH FUCK i fly past him going about 75 but i was clocked at 70, the cop pulls me over and i give him my license and he looks at my last name and says "are u tommy's son" (i have a weird last name so)i said yes sir i am and the cop said"ur dad and i were in the same frat"and i said "oh cool my dad talks about his frat all the time" (a 5 minuite convo about my dad) the cop says-ok son u have a nice and i say you to sir I felt like a total badass driving off, i was going 20 all the way home. i had to tell someone about this
  2. Well, I think you're a dumbass.
  3. yea you definitely got lucky that would of been about a 300$ ticket and you might of had to go to traffic school
  4. a lucky dumbass, although i think my luck has run out
  5. +1

    And I think he would have got more than that. Assuming he's young, because young drivers are the ones doing this shit, he might loose his license.
  6. if you know the right people you can get away with anything.about 5 years ago me and my brother wrecked a 1990honda civic. i mean we broke every thing on this car if it was glass it was smashed all the tiresd where poped we even opend the hood of the car bent it back cut the battery off iwth a saw as well as anyother wires in the engine bay. if it chould be broken on that car it was.

    all of this was taped via the cstore cam. Good thing i knew the owner of the cam beacuse when the cops came asking for the video it had magicly disapeared! whew! im still asking the guy for that video id love to see it!
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    You're a retard. What if there were kids out playing, it is a neighborhood after all. Do you know how long it takes to stop when going 75? The cop should have hauled your ass to booking in cuffs and your license should have been revoked. Sorry I'm not all "oh wow that's cool" but a good family friend's daughter was hit and killed by a driver speeding in a neighborhood. The asshole didn't even stop, this just makes me think of that.

    Edit: BTW, lucky isn't the right word. I think what you were looking for is irresponsible, immature, reckless asshole with no common courtesy and very little respect for human life, both your own and others. That should sum it up.
  8. ya hes right you never know. i used to speed then one day i see a ball come on in the middle of the road and sure enough a little kid runs out after it i had to swerve to miss him. from then on i slowed the hell down. i thank god i didnt hit that kid. i learned that day you never know what can happen and its best to slow DOWN!
  9. Damn man not to hate on you but doing 70 in a 30 zone aint cool.

    I mean speeding is alright if your doing 75 in a 65 or something, thats not a big deal, but if the limit was 30 it must have been a residential area or something, not a big road.

    And doing 40 miles over in a residential area is just asking to hit a kid/pet/other car.

    You were a lucky bastard, true, but i hope you dont speed again bro.
  10. What happened to you needing to poop while you were stopped by the cop and questioned?

    Be honest, did you poop your pants?
  11. +1 for cops
  12. wow....i usually only go 15-20mph over the speed limit, not 40

    then again, that may sound fast to some people
  13. Come on. You're not a badass at all for getting out of wreckless driving. You should be thanking your daddy that you didn't lose your license.

    Stop driving like an asshole...that's how people die, no matter how great of a driver you think you are.

    For shame, sir. For shame.

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