7 year old joyrider

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  2. how many of us can honestly say that we dont enjoy doing hoodrat stuff with our friends. Especially ones that smokes with cigarettes.
  3. That kids a dick
  4. That story is a running joke on the Toucher & Rich morning show on WBCN

    Yeah, that kid is going to grow up to be a Nobel Prizewinner
  5. the only person with any sense at all is the grandmother

    that shit is fuuuuucked up
  6. Today's youth is dumber and crazier than ever!
  7. lol i remember posting this in the humor section no to long ago. its honestly hilarious. sad but hilarious. u could not tell me u didnt laugh.
  8. tht kid should prob die
  9. "I wanna go fast!"
  10. HAHAHAH!!! thats the only thing i've really LOL'ed at for a good minute!! HAH hellz ya
  11. He just wanted to do some hoodrat stuff with his friend:D

  12. lololololololololol
  13. I remember seeing this like a year ago and its some funny shit.
  14. lol that guys dad is funny in a sad way.

    And the little kid is also.
  15. look at him crankin that yank

    holy shit that was hilarious
  16. I can be a supa star or somethin', and my grandma...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaOtGR04918]YouTube - Latarian Milton - 4th Interview - Latarian Wants a Wife[/ame]
  17. Hahah, Thats my ***** right there.

    'I wanted to do hoodrat shiet with my friends'.

    This video had me laughing for a long time now.
  18. this kid is a total bad ass

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