7 weeks of flower pictures

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mrbigsmoke, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Hey guys been using 250w cfls and they are in 7 week of flower just starting

    been feeding them 400ml with nutr every single day and now using fresh water only for them 400ml starting today

    here are some pictures this is my first grow so plz comment :) dont know the strains of them

    2 plants running think they stopped sometimes got shock








  2. dont really know how far the big cone have left think its on the 7 week but they got both repotted and got some light in 12/12 mode and got shocked so i think some delayd it about 2 weeks
  3. i like your setup. smart idea on that vertical cfl. keep up the good work
  4. Lookin good man, waiting is the hardest part isnt it :D

    Just wait til the trich's turn amber and you will know they are ready... really though they look great. Ive heard good things about those big high watt cfls and this confirms it. I was stuck when i was buying lights, I was betweeen the 300watt cfls or a 600watt HPS system. I went with the HPS and got a MH conversion, hope i dont regret it...

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